Syska Smartlight Rainbow LED smart bulb Review

Syska Smart Light

Syska a brand which is a known accessory maker as well as security app maker as well. We have seen the products; even TV ads run well. They did come up with their version of Smartlight, and we got a chance to review. We are going to see the complete overview of Syska Smartlight Rainbow LED Smart Bulb. What’s Smartlight? The smart light is smartphone connected bulb, which lets you control the electric lamp via your existing smartphone. In this case, it connected via Bluetooth, and you have greater flexibility with the bright light much better than the traditional bulb. Build […]

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You Should See the Amazing Dhoni Andaaz with his BFF in This Video

Dhoni Ki Yaari

Friendship is the key bond of the life. We all do have friends with whom we share quality, fun and share sorrow times.  Even a brand like McDowell’s No1 does a very great job each time showcasing the friendship. As I said, we all do have friends even The best cricketers like the MS Dhoni also has. We all knew MS Dhoni; The best thing happened to the Indian Cricket team. You love him or hate him, but I guarantee you if you sneak peak into his life or gotta chance then even after hating you will love it.  We […]

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[Solved] No “Get Jio Sim” Option in MyJio App. Also Other Jio Sim Issues

MyJio App Get Jio Sim Option

Jio Sim is the only thing people were talking about our Absolute Gizmos Facebook page. There are lots of issues, so I am framing the issues in common now. The very first issue is the MyJio App which Isn’t able to get “Get Jio Sim” Option. Many users reported me this. Here’s how you can get the “GET JIO SIM’ Option. The Below method is for Android For other users Scroll Down. If you have installed the latest version of MyJio app, you won’t be able to get the Get Jio Sim option. Suggest you to uninstall the MyJio App […]

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Nvidia GTX 1070 Review – The Best Pascal series card After GTX 1080

Nvidia GTX 1070 Founder's Edition

Nvidia is truly one of the best graphics card maker industry around the globe. No doubt they are always praised. Nvidia has its legacy to make better graphics card each year, and they never disappoint the gamers. Last year I did the review of the Nvidia GTX 960. This time, it’s the review of GTX 1070 Founders Edition review. The successor of the last years’s amazing GTX 970. Specs of GTX 1070 Pascal GPU Architecture 8GB GDDR5 Frame Buffer 8 Gbps Clock speed 1683 MHz Clock Speed 1920 Cuda Core 6.45 TeraFlops/s single precision floating point performance 150W TDP 8 […]

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HyperX beast DDR3 8GB x 2 2400mhz Review

HyperX Beast DDR3 RAM

Kingston’s HyperX line-up is for gamers. No doubt they had been doing well in each. We already saw their HyperX Cloud Drone Headset review. Now here’s HyperX Beast DDR3 Ram. It’s one of the most amazing things which we saw.   Build of the HyperX Beast DDR3 The change of the ram, a building of faster ram with some heat sink which made a complete overhaul to the industry. Gone those days of ram where it uses to be only green and black chip of memory. The Ram is way better than those boring green colour. The HyperX Beast DDR3 […]

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