Corsair K70 Red Gaming Keyboard Review – The Pro Gamers Keyboard

Corsair K70 Red

We already reviewed some of the gaming keyboard like Dragonwar GK-005, But this the next level of all the keyboard I reviewed, the Corsair K70 Red. Its looks, its feel of typing and comfort everything adds up to something.     The Build of Corsair K70 Red When a keyboard is costly its complete mechanical, huge buttons , backlit LEDs […]

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Everything about rumours of Microsoft Lumia 940 and 940XL

Microsoft Lumia 940 XL concept design

2 Man in Microsoft Suit will come through the 10th Window? Don’t get it…Well, Microsoft is tight lipped about it’s next project which has many eyes following i.e the next flagship.The market is full of Rumors when Microsoft is ready with availability date of Windows 10(29th July),people know that Windows 10 Mobile is not far away. Well, we at […]

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