Reos Lite Cube 26 Review – The Best Value for money Smartbulb ?

Last Week I reviewed the Syska Smartlight, Which was promising at the same time it was a just 7W bulb. The Watt was little as well as not the brightest. Then comes Reos Lite Cube 26 Review which is the 13W  fluorescent bulb, and we will be totally seeing it in detail. Specs of Cube 26 13W Bulb 16 Million Colours Bluetooth Connectivity Can Add up to 7 Bulbs Instant Alert One year Product Warranty from date of Invoice Product Dimension 80mm x 110mm BIS, FCC Certification Complaint / Feedback / Contact at or 1800-103-0026 Build of Cube 26 Let’s […]

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Flock Best Chat App for Work and Business

They’re computers which are way productive in much more cases. The business apps like Google Apps or Zoho helps a lot. When it comes to a smartphone, it makes it not as productive for work as the full fledge desktop or computer do. Your smartphone can edit docs or presentation, view emails. Not so impressive for messaging, There’s Whatsapp, but again it interferes between personal and work. There would be no such dedicated app for it unless I came to know about the Flock. Flock Interface At first, it is bright green Flock’s interface on the smartphone. It is almost same […]

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UAG Armour Gear Case Review

UAG Armour Gear Case iPad Air

I don’t know if you have heard of UAG (Urban Army Gear), These are the smartphone and tablets Rugged case manufactured. Ever heard of them ? if not then we will tell you our experience of  them. These UAG armour case are the most rugged and sturdy case you could buy for you smartphone and tablet Build of the UAG Armour case the case  looks stunning in the looks, it has got those special rugged look in the stylish form factor makes it stand out different than all the cases you could compare with. More importantly, it covers all the sides […]

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How do we use Smartphone ?

Co-produced by :Rebateszone & Absolute Gizmos   We do use and spend lots of time on smartphone while social networking, watching and streaming videos or movies , emails , online shopping etc. Here’s an imforgraphic which represented the same thing which we do with it and amount of time invested on it. there are 1.4 billion smartphone users compare to 2 billion PC users. Well that’s huge. An average American spends 3.3 hour on it that’s twice the time they spend on eating , 1/3rd time they spent on sleep. And over 1/3rd time they spent on working each day.  40x users […]

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[FIXED]How to fix “Slide to Upgrade” Stuck iOS 9 ( Find my iPhone turned ON ) iPhone 4S/5/5S/6/6 plus or iPAD

Slide to upgrade stuck iPhone iOS 9

Well Apple did pushed the update for iOS 9 which is small in size and takes less space and has lots of innovative features with respect to the iOS users. The most users mainly are facing slide to upgrade issue when they update the iOS via Wi-Fi on iPhone.   If you still haven’t updated to iOS 9 request you guys to back-up the phone and update via iTunes on PC or Mac to best Possibly avoid this error on you iPhone/ iPod. Even when you get error message “Software Update fail“.   I will tell you the best way […]

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