Redmorph Android Security App Review

Redmorph App

Hey, Gizmo favorites we have seen a lot of devices and less of apps on the website. Earlier we did review for Inshort app review which was essential news app. We do make sure that every post adds value and more critical a safe experience. Yes, we have already seen a lot of privacy issues with our existing and favorite apps which we browse every single day. Today we have a security app for review. The app is called ‘Redmorph.’ About the app It entered the Indian market recently with one-time subscription fee-based model. It’s the only best security app I could […]

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Truvison 40 inch Smart LED TV Review

Truvison TX407Z Review

Hello Everyone, Smart TVs market is exploded in 2018, and we have seen a lot of new brands with aggressive TV pricing. This is Rupesh from Absolute Gizmos, and this is the review of Truvison 40 Inch Smart TV. The model which we have is Truvison TX407Z. InBox Content The TV Safety Instruction guide Mounting brackets Stands Remote 2 AAA Battery User guide and Warranty paperwork Video Review   Build of the Truvison TV Talking about the TV. It has a TV perspective perfectly as you would expect but including the smart feature makes it different and stand out. If you want to […]

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Building the Smart Home of the Future: Trends in Home Automation

Imagine if you got home from your winter break holidays to find the lights on, the heaters working and the house already warm, your favourite music playing as you walk in and the TV set, ready to stream the latest episode from the series you have been following religiously – and all that because on the drive home you pushed a couple of buttons on an app on your smartphone. This isn’t science fiction anymore; it is the future and it is here. Welcome to your very own smart home, where everything is automated and you can control it from […]

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Video Game Heroes that define the 21st Century

 Photo by: commorancy / // CC by 2.0

Did you know that, globally, we spend 3 billion hours a week playing video games? It’s an industry that has grown to epic proportions, becoming bigger than the movie and music businesses combined. Altogether, the gaming industry rakes in almost $100 billion annually. Video game studios spend hundreds – and often thousands – of hours crafting new video game characters and scenarios, and it’s no surprise that they become such a huge part of our lives. In the last few decades a new type of video game hero has emerged. These new protagonists feature compelling character arcs, and are combined with major technological advances in […]

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Hands On with Mass Fidelity Core – The best wireless speaker you could buy

Mass Fidelity Core

The Mass Fidelity seems a name less familiar but you should know it. I will give you a reason why. They recently entered the Indian market with The Core. The Core is a compact wireless speaker system by Mass fidelity. One thing I noticed while experiencing core, The Core has both Analog and digital inputs. So whatever the system you are bounded to as an audiophile, it just fits in perfect and surely enhances. Input ports in the form of an auxiliary jack and an S/PDIF optical port. The speakers rating is 120watts and has five custom designed high output drivers which […]

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