Acer Liquid Z630s Review – The Best Battery Life Smartphone

Acer Liquid Z630S

Acer, one of the well-known PC manufacturer company also made a work professionals laptops. It hardly made a few good smartphones until I came across this one. The liquid series seems to be aiming at the budget segment and very well pitched to the consumer in its competition.

Acer Liquid Z630S

Acer Liquid Z630S


  • MediaTek Octa-core
  • 5.5 inch 720p HD display
  • 4000mah battery
  • 2GB ram 32GB inbuilt and expandable
  • 13Mp camera

Build quality

Every phone at the budget less than 10,000rs has been a most competitive segment. Acer Liquid Z630s seems to compete Lenovo K3 note, Xiaomi Redmi 2 prime, Honor 4X, in future Honor 5x. These smartphones have always been well built, Acer liquid Z630s has a quite different and we’ll polished look. The brushed metal like the texture at the back panel makes it look to be different with its embossed Acer logo. The removable back made an entry to the huge 4000mah battery and dual micro SIM slots. Actual buttons placement like were to all other android phones. The front side at the top had a speaker receiver grill which was circular and golden coloured which looked completely odd for the smartphone as it grabbed most attention on the front. So overall to built quality I didn’t like personally, yet it’s personal opinion to you. It’s a rigid built which will keep the smartphone safe as possible.


The second part of the smartphone and most important part of the experience. It did come with Android Lollipop but over the span of my use Acer did push 2 updates and I think Acer would do that constantly which will enhance the experience. Currently I wasn’t impressed by the experience which it offered, every time I unlocked had a sound which I didn’t liked, I didn’t changed it because probably Normal user won’t. The phone came with lots of unnecessary bloatware. Thanks to 32Gb inbuilt which made some room for some apps you would like. Bloatware was locked and I couldn’t uninstall until root which I think shouldn’t have done, also, I spoke with Acer for the same so hope they do this in future. The OS was very stable and bug fixed after the updates it received.


The Acer Liquid Z630s came with MediaTek Octa-core processor which is popular processor inside those huge battery phones. It did the decent amount of gaming, seen some frame drops but for decent gaming it’s good. The phone is not made for hardcore gaming in mind. Or it could match the way the Redmi 2 prime or Honor 4x could do with snapdragon inside. The phone use to heat up a lot to 55 degrees, while to a game after 10 min.

Acer Liquid Z630s Antutu benchmark score

Acer Liquid Z630s Antutu benchmark score


This isn’t the fault of the Acer but it’s the fault of the processor it’s been packed inside. So if you are a decent gamer doesn’t play those hardcore games like asphalt 8, Nova 3. You could go with this phone for its sub-par performance.

Acer Liquid Z630s Temperature after Gaming

Acer Liquid Z630s Temperature after Gaming


The camera was good, for the budget it offered good pictures at daylight. Not the best in low light, and we shouldn’t expect much at this budget for low light as most smartphones suffer from the same at this budget. You can look at the camera samples below. Even the selfie stick fits well so you can get good pictures for your selfie.



Most important part of the smartphone and most of the smartphone suffer from low battery life, the Acer z630s didn’t suffer from this disorder I would say. The battery lasted for me pretty well for 2 days easily with normal usage like normal games, watching youtube, over wifi surfing, some calls. It managed well to get almost 9 hours of onscreen time like the Lenovo Vibe P1m.


If you are the one who watches lots of videos, movies and do lots of social networks, emailing, chatting over Whatsapp, hike or other then this smartphone is perfect for you. It isn’t for that hardcore gaming. Also, a decent camera adds up to better value to such type of user.

Acer Liquid Z630s










Value for Money



  • 32GB Internal and Expandable
  • Good Viewing Angles for screen
  • Decent Camera
  • Amazing Battery Life


  • Over Heats after Gaming