Amazing Alternative To All The Most Used Apps Everyday

We do use lot of apps same app everyday but there is an alternative to each app you use.

  • Alarm Clock Plus (Alternative to stock Alarm Clock)

An amazing app to try on if u sleep a lot or make many alarm in single stock alarm then there is a math feature in it which will help you to wake you up the alarm doesn’t stop unless and until the math is completed also you can set custom ringtone too.

Availablity: Android

Alarm Clock Alternative

Alarm Clock Plus

  • Friend Caster (Alternative to Common Facebook App)

This is an Amazing alternative facebook app you must try if you are bored of same facebook app using it every day. Also a different UI to the same UI as that of facebook

Availablity: Android & iOS

Facebook Alternative

FriendCaster Screenshot

  • TweetCaster For Twitter (Alternative to Twitter)

If you are the one who uses a twitter a lot to microblog everyday most of the official twitter is had you bored then this is amazing app to twitter alternative to try out.

Availabilty: Android & iOS

Alternative to Twitter

TweetCaster Screenshot

  • Microsoft OneNote ( Alternative to EverNote)

Well we need a remainder, We do Lists , We do take notes and evernote being an amazing option OneNote is an amazing alternative. You just need to make a Microsoft account so it uploads it to skydrive and its available to you everywhere over a single login same as evernote and both are free

Availablity Android & iOS


OneNote Screenshot

  • Streamzoo (Alternative to Instagram)

Instagram almost used everyday by many people but if you wana be unique of all then this is an amazing option it supports same @ and # tags as Instagram also share on facebook and twitter like intagram

Availablity Android & iOS

Intragram alternative

Streamzoo Screenshot

  • VLC (Alternative to MX Player or Stock iOS video player)

Well we play lots of videos that too of very different format well this app is very familier over windows the same as over android and iOS which will help you a lot to play all type of videos. Also one of the open source project

Availablity Android & iOS

MX Player Alternative

VLC Screenshot


  • Path(Alternative to Instagram, Social Network)

Path is an amazing alternative to the Instagram and facebook which I found really stunning I mean awesome interface An awesome way to get and stay updated also effect your photo and share over various websites like facebook, twitter , foursquare etc

Availablity Android & iOS

alternative for social network

Path screenshot

  • Vodio (Alternative to Youtube)

Well all must be using youtube but this app lets you to find your intresting video from all possible sources and making it even better than youtube app and really awesome UI not as youtube but totally different with good guestures

Availablity Android & iOS


Vodio Screenshot

  • Telegram(Alternative to WhatsApp)

Whatsapp is really powerful and amazing messenger but no matter its awesome to all its competitor but only close it I found it was Telegram the best thing is its fast and you can share upto 1GB of files and any file format even word and power point presentation too

Availablity Android & iOS

whatsapp alternative


  • Line(Alternative to Skype)

Well Skype gives cheap international calling to India but recently Line also introduced the same so that makes it an alternative to skype also it a app like to used like walky talky makes it feel more amazing ever

Availablity Android & iOS

Skype Alternative

Line Screenshot

Sources: Respective appstore screenshots from respective app store link