This is the Amazing power Bank you should check out

The India market for portable chargers is set to boom with the entry of Chargein— an innovative Portable Power Bank Charger, suitable for users who are always on the go.

Most smart phone devices’ battery life does not extend more than a couple of hours. One of the main reasons for that is the usage of applications on smart phones. Some of the current mobile chargers however are low quality and have a very short shelf life. Chargein is reinventing the mobile charging industry, to meet high expectations of the smart consumer today. With the technology boom for personal devices a portable power bank is a must for any tech savvy consumer.

BMW portable charger

BMW portable charger

Chargein is currently dealing with 3 luxury car models. The car design exemplifies style, luxury and coupled with 5200 mAh of capacity and an inbuilt torch light which acts like the headlight to the car. It has the power of an output current of 1000 mA and with a voltage of 3.7.

“We have created a product that goes beyond the current offering in the market for mobile chargers. We have also kept in mind aesthetics and given a sleek design to appeal to consumers,” said Pratik Hinduja, Founder of Chargein.

Chargein brand caters to the niche market of power banks without compromising on the tech aspects such as usage and capacity of the device.

About the founders:

Chargein is founded by Pratik Hinduja. Pratik came up with an idea of a power bank which would look unique and stylish and cater the high end consumer who would go for looks of the product. Pratik came up with this idea when he was in college and under the supervision of H.R College Incubation center. The faculty of the college showed a great deal of interest in the project. H.R. College played a vital role in nurturing this idea which was started as a college assignment by a group of students initially. Considering the idea and a raw product was there, this July Chargein got its first round of funding.

Chargein has been funded by a private investor Mr. Aditya Pittie, who is the CEO of Pittie Group which owns Sanskar Television Channel, Patanjali PAN India distribution, Victoria Enterprises, Yogurt Bay, and Body Balance Bands, etc. It is under Mr. Pittie’s supervision that this brand is been launched and he perhaps has his expertise to this project. He has been a mentor to this project to take it on a next level.

About the Product:

Output Power
3.7 V, 1A
Battery Type
Li-lon battery
Power Supply
AC 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
170 grams
6 months
Rs 1600