Android 4.3 What It Has Inside for You ?

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update
Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

Android 4.3 is a minor update yet its called jelly bean to its preciding update of 4.2.2 jelly bean. Currently 4.3 update is available for Nexus 4,7,10 , Samsung Galaxy s4 Google Edition, HTC one Google Edition. Its a minor update but since its a update it effects a lot to all the other companies to create a phone and updating the existing once.

Restricted Profiles in Android 4.3


Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Restricted Profiles

4.2.2 jellybean came with ability to add multiple profiles but android 4.3 has a restricted profiles you can select what are the apps you dont want to show to the restricted profiles what levels in game which are not purchased in in-game purchases you can restrict all. Even you can retrict google chrome , youtube, etc. This is how you can share tablet with your family members and friends letting restricting all the important things and not giving acess to them to your private and important data.

SmartBluetooth and WiFi

WiFi detects Location even if switched off

WiFi detects Location

Well lets me talk about Wi-Fi first Scanning Always available was seen for the first time in android 4.3 it scans for Wi-Fi even if Wi-Fi is turned off. Next Thing which i noticed is If you On Wi-Fi and keep the Tablet idle means if its not updating any app and its completly idle Wi-Fi turns off automatically and It helps to save the battery of the tablet.

SmartBluetooth this is specially for the gadgets connected to android devices via bluetooth like smartwatch, wearabletech, wireless headphones and all that time bluetooth will be using very low power persisting to save more battery life and essesial of the device.

OpenGL Support

OpenGL Support

OpenGL SupportReview

OpenGL this is something like a Sync to between Software and hardware to give better graphics in game and removing the Glitches while Using the Tablet. Making it even faster to use and use the GPU to a better level Helping to get the most of the tablet. OpenGL is seen lightly hardly noticed by normal users but it will play a good and important role for the devlopers.

 Play Games Support

Google Play Games Support

Google Play Games Support

This feature is Like the GameCenter which was introduce in Apple iOS 6 Covering up the Cloud Sync of games means if You are level 40 in angry bird on your phone You pick up a tablet logged in in same user account on both then you will continue to play level 40 on tablet, It also has Achivements completing varios task so that you can compete with friends and share scores on varios social networks . Nexus 7 second generation comes with pre install of google play games.


This is an Important and you can’t notice this feature. Well this is an important feature for the phone and tablet like nexus 4,7,10 HTC One which has only internal memory. When you install App on this phones/Tab OS creates a Data Point and OS create a Path makes a way but when u have more Apps the path becomes more cluttery confusable so its tuff to acess and sometimes won’t even get delete until its format. So with trim Support everything is oraganised from the uninstall point of view.

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