Android App making getting started for a enterprise or personal

It has been really important in today’s world to know about Android development, the industry which is growing rapidly every minutes with lots of innovation and multiple companies doing lots of innovation everyday. There are tons of websites on Internet and which are coming online every sec with new content but for some readers it’s been really getting tuff to load each part of website everytime so the website makers aims to create an Android App there are many ways out of which we will be discussing two of it.

First of all self learning Android Development

1. It’s definite first we would need required tools to develop android specific apps go here .
2. The olden days in Android ADT bundle it has Eclipse with ADT plugin but I suggest you to download Android SDK and Android Studio
3. Why android studio over eclipse ?
As I told android is been innovating a lot from smartphones it went to tablet, from tablet it went to wearables, in eclipse it’s easy to develop for mobile, so for tablet specific and more important wearable specific it’s important so I need you too Android Studio.
So just think your RSS feed updates on smartphone and that notification popups on Android wearable and that’s really keeping a track with the device with people’s choice.
this process is really long and really time consuming and not important for enterprises so for such go with other option.


Service option for Development

I know it’s long process and enterprises are fast growing so they hire an developer, but they also have an option for service
While looking for popular android applications development services, I came across LetsGoMo.

LetsGoMo is a a company which will definitely help enterprise in their mCommerce needs using the best of android. They not just make apps from scratch but also if you have an app on existing platform they can help you to port that app. They could create an multi platform app too when you get the perfect retired service from them.
And I really think such services will definately help all the enterprise even personal market to grow over android also will create more brand presence on this innovating world.