Building A Budget Media Box

Most people have a friend with all the expensive entertainment gadgets under the sun, with smart TVs, streaming devices, and loads of other techy products which are the cause of a lot of envy. This sort of setup can often look incredibly futuristic, making watching TV look even easier than it already is. But, there’s no need to spend a fortune to get this sort of tech into your home. Instead, you just need to find the perfect alternative; a regular computer. To help you out with this, this post will be going through a basic guide to help you […]

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How to Go from Zero to Hero in Online Gaming

We’ve all admired gamers from afar. Those that seem to just have a natural ability when it comes to online gaming. Making the shift from ametuer gamer to professional gaming competitor is not necessarily as difficult as it seems however. With these three tips you can have yourself moving from casual gamer and into the world of competitive gaming in no time at all. Pick An Area   Before you even thinking about try to get to a professional level of online gaming you are going to need to first pick a specialised area where you can really hone those […]

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Intex IT- 12006 FMUB Tower Speakers Review

Intex- IT- 12006-FMUB Tower Speakers

There are a lot of speakers out there. Even the most favourite tower speakers will be of your favourite brand. Intex asked me to review their entirely new line-up of the tower speakers. So let’s get started. Specification of the Intex IT-12006 FMUB 51.8×43.9×98.0cm ( BOX SIZE ) 22.75kg (gross weight) Power Output 50W + 50W 3-Way Speakers 4Ω Impedance Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz S/N Ratio: ≥ 60dB Bluetooth 3.0 (7 to 10 meters range) Separation ≥ 40dB Sensitivity ≤ 500mv @ 1KHz FM Range 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz Power Output AC 110V ~ 265V / 50-60Hz InBox Content Main Speaker […]

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Why the Rs 0 Jio Phone isn’t made for you ?

Yesterday it was a great AGM of the Reliance where Ambani unveiled much data about the JIO as a brand. It has already changed the telecom industry and still, it is moving ahead to do more. I am gonna tell you why it’s the phone which isn’t made you. You are already reading it on Android or iOS phone which will minimum cost Rs 5000 or more. So it’s already expensive to Jio 1500rs security deposit. Then you might say it’s still cheap. Ok, It’s cheap, but it doesn’t come with Android. It comes with Reliance’s own Kai OS. Plan of Jio […]

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Why the Two Variants of InFocus Turbo 5 are Right for the Indian Market

It’s not easy to keep a track of all the smartphones and all the company right out there. This is the reason you come here and check what’s new and also ask me what the best is. The smartphone industry is a totally crowded space today and you always end up getting multiple smartphone recommendations almost on each budget. Today let’s discuss something about the new InFocus Turbo 5. This newly launched smartphone by InFocus has launched two variants which are just right for the Indian smartphone users who are looking for a great device within a decent budget. I […]

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