ANTEC BP350PS Power Supply Unit (PSU) Review

Antec BP350PS PSU / SMPS

Antec, Inc. is an American based company. Founded in 1986, Antec is a dedicated the maker of PC components and accessories like power supplies, audio, media components and many more. Today on Absolute Gizmos for the first time, we are going to review Antec BP350PS power supply unit.

So talking of the power supply unit, Antec BP350PS, The BP series of the Antec is aimed toward basic computer users. It’s a basic series power supply unit so not much recommended on gaming pc with powerful GPU. The basiq series has 4 PSU out of which its 3rd in terms of watt. So go through all your PC components required power supply recommendation specially your GPU or Graphics Card before buying a PSU.

Antec BP350PS PSU / SMPS

Antec BP350PS PSU / SMPS

Specification of Antec BP530PS

  • Input
220VAC-240VAC ~, 47Hz – 53Hz,5.0A220V~,5.0A, 47-53Hz


  • Output


+ 3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 -12V + 5VSB
17A 17A 14A 14A 0.3A 2.0A
105W 312W 3.6W 10W


  • Connectors on PSU
  1. 24-pin
  2. 8(4+4)-pin ATX12V/ EPS12V
  3. 1×6-pin PCI-E
  4. 3 x SATA
  5. 3 x Molex
  6. Floppy

Packaging and Bundle

The white cardboard box with black strips and squares of the BP350PS the series name speaks ups the wattage. A perfect size packing properly curled around a huge bubble wrap. Also most information and required information was been mentioned at the box. The complete specification was on the Side and complete product description was inside the box over a leaflet.

We suggest you to go through the unboxing video. When you bring it out from the bubble wrap, over the top you could see the 8 screws with huge 120 mm fan covered with steel grill for cooling the internal components. The Outer part of Antec BP350PS has power cable port and power ON/OFF button which is hardly seen in the PSU these days. The circular grills make every inner part visible. The bunch of cables is not detachable. Also these bunch of colour cable aren’t wrapped over but that doesn’t matter as the BP350 PS is being aimed toward basic users.


UnBoxing Video
Here’s a Unboxing Video and Small breif about the cables in Antec BP350PS do check it out.



Overall I think it’s a really good PSU to go for also it offers complete 2+1 years of warranty which may be seen at this budget. To get additional warranty please visit

Antec BP350PS






Value For Money



  • Dedicated Power On/OFF switch
  • Huge fans


  • No power Cable included