Useful PSU for Entry Level Gaming Config – ANTEC BP450PS REVIEW

Antec BP450PS

Antec is one of the company dedicated for making PC components from to Basics to Gaming level. We did seen Antec BP350PS review, This Antec BP450PS is Top of the line-up of their Basic segment.


Specification of Antec BP450PS


  • Input
230VAC ~, 47Hz – 53Hz,5.0A


  • Output


+ 3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 -12V + 5VSB
20A 18A 21A 18A 0.3A 2.0A
145W 396W 3.6W 10W


  • Connectors on PSU
  1. 1 x 24-pin
  2. 1 x 8(4+4)-pin ATX12V/ EPS12V
  3. 1 x 8(6+2) Pin PCI-E
  4. 1 × 6-pin PCI-E
  5. 4 x SATA
  6. 3 x Molex
  7. 1 x Floppy

Packing and Bundle of Antec BP450PS

So talking about the packing experience it was the same as that what we seen in the Antec BP350PS, So this was the same looking box but the powerful PSU inside this time. It was packed inside the Huge Bubble Wrap inside. Even the PSU was bit more heavy and the Quality of it was good. So talking exactly about the PSU, It’s the one which comes with 6 Pin PCI-E slot which is really important for beginner gaming PC as graphics card would require one for its installation. It also came with 8 pin connector some of mid range required it but make sure its PSU compatibility. Over to my opinion its one to be considered in beginner pc compatiblity because looking at user He may add a graphics card in future that time, the person may not need to spend some more on PSU with Graphics card. So this BP450PS makes it suitable for long term use support



So Looking at the price point which doesn’t bang to your pocket much its about 2,000rs – 2500rs over online depending where you get, I would say its worth the choice for it. Its the best at that budget and BP450PS worth the money you get.