Apple iPad Air – Review The Best Tablet Of 2013

Apple iPad Air

We recently did the best phone of 2013 – LG G2 review. Apple iPad Air is simply phenomenal that’s what I can say after the use. Actually writing the post about its review on my iPad air. Apple launched it as iPad air not any iPad 5 the few reasons are it’s smaller in dimensions, but same screen ,Also lighter in weight about a pound that’s what Apple made it to say iPad air.

If i do not say something concerning the build then that is a waste of this review. I will say the foremost sexiest tablet I ever used, that is however premium it feels.. The silver chassis back with an Apple Silver logo also iPad written at back, it feels totally worth to the each penny spend on it. The 8mp iSight camera at back is placed as sometimes at the proper place. the skinny chrome edge border when thesinusoidal sides build it feel higher to a iPad. The thin chrome edge border after the curved sides make it feel better to a iPad. The most important is weight it’s just a pound which is even lighter to my iPad 2 . The weight is like holding a 7 inch tablet but it’s 9.7 one that’s its beauty on sight. It almost scores Full marks in that department as always it does. Apple don’t even cares to compete with ugly android tablets which are available in lot in market. Apple Does everything beautifully.

The Beauty with the Beast That what an iPad Air is


The iPad Air Comes with iOS 7.0 out of the box. iOS is personally my favorite operating system. iOS All its 1,000,000 Apps 475,000 iPad optimised makes it the best tablet. When you start the Tablet and Login with Apple ID you get Numbers, Pages , Keynote, Garage Band, iPhoto , iMovie absolutely Free of cost that enhances your experience over the tablet. Making This apps free for latest buyed device this was the best decision that apple made to their devices . Hats off to apple to do this and keep updating it to the operating system requirement and adding features. iPad air has an A7 processor , For the first time 64-bit architecture in a tablet . Making it closer to the desktop requirement. The 64-bit architecture apps are only the garage band , iphoto and all those coming for free . No developers made apps are there currently those are on the way. Only in Games infinity blades latest version is one optimized for 64-bit architecture.


When iPad was first introduced in 2009 its prospectus was to build a device which is totally in better an Smartphone and a Laptop, Also They needed to replace those ugly net books. So talking about the productivity I say yes, those 475,000 iPad optimized Apps does. Pages help me like Microsoft Word, Number does the work for Excel , Keynote does Power point work, iPhoto amazingly Oraganises my Photos and edit amazingly, iMovie the best movie editing app on a tablet I ever seen amazing rendering, Garage Band amazing Sound Tool. There is a App for everything you want. After This i can One thing

Forget The Price,Specs Its Just Phenomenal



Apple claims to have same 10 hours video battery, you can almost watch an complete trilogy of the lord of the rings. Whatever said is completely true, you can sleep with 100% charge and get up at complete 100% without the doubt. The battery is completely was unexpected for me giving awesome life. iPad air is not just made thinner, lighter but also an efficient one to all its users.


I have just left with a word Phenomenal. A real incomparable tablet, few says Apple don’t care to compete with ugly android tablets and I would say that’s true. Apple iPad Air will always be my personal favorite tablet and its the best you may admit it or not. Its really it is and it deserves to be at the best point.