Apps That Boost The Productivity Of Phone To The Top

Smartphones are as common a commodity like any other these days. Most of the smartphones use what’s called an operating system, but you already knew that. Didn’t you? Android by Google and iOS by Apple is amongst the leading Operating Systems out there. Windows seems to be catching up lately too. However, this article would cover some apps available on one of these platforms which help increase the productivity of your Smart-Phone and considerably too.

So, here’s a list of top apps that would help you get the most out of your smartphone:

  1. Clean Master

This app has over 37 million downloads on the play store, and the app claims to be used by 740 million users worldwide. It’s not surprising as provides with some real user-friendly options to clean your junk files, clean junk notifications/ads, managing RAM and boosting it, CPU cooler, etc.

  1. DU Speed Booster

With a user base of over 230 million people, this speed boosting app is not far behind in the run of top apps that speeds up the phone. Similar to Clean Master, DU Speed Booster cleans junk files & cache. Boosts the memory of the phone. It also has an inbuilt antivirus to keep your device protected.


  1. SetCPU

This app can only be run on rooted phones; however, it’s totally worth it. This app helps to tweak your phone’s processor to increase the CPU performance. You can even underclock the settings of CPU processor with this app. This would help you save battery life as lesser resources are used. This app personally helped when my phone had no battery left, and I had to complete an order on Eduzaurus where they help students like me with our academic paper.

  1. ROM Manager

What if I told you that you could install multiple operating systems on your smartphone? Yes, this app makes that possible. You would be able to download and install a selection of ROMs which would either add new features to your phone or improve the performance. It also includes a custom keyboard which is softer than stock. Hence, it’s faster and smoother to type out replies to text & emails.

You can either download the free version of this app or buy the premium version. The main feature that this app offers is the OTA (over-the-air) updates which allow you to install various ROMs on the go.

  1. CPU Tuner

Another android app like SetCPU which allows you to boost your CPU’s performance, increase the memory and also create custom profiles. This profiles would work under various circumstances like when you’ve little battery life etc. While underclocking slows down most of the apps, you would find this feature extremely useful when running urgent tasks & when there is a need to save your battery life.

  1. SD Speed Increase

If you own an SD card with the slow rate of transfer of your data, then this app would help you rewrite the SD card cache and increase the transfer rate. With a simple interface (just a slider to increase cache), this is the most user-friendly GUI one could ask for. Like most of the apps discussed in this article, you would need to root your Android device to use this app. Also, this app is ad-free.

  1. AnTuTu Benchmark

This app is a tester of your CPU performance and not a booster. You can test your phone’s memory usage, fan speed, 3D rendering capabilities, and of course SD card cache. You can also compare your phone’s performance with one of your friends or colleagues. The interface is quite sexy with the results of the test being displayed on a black background. This app is mostly used by Android reviewers and enthusiasts.

  1. Android Assistant

This is the all in one version of the above said 5-6 phone boosters. It provides a variety of improvements and boosts that would help you increase your phone’s productivity. It’s very user-friendly interface allows you to monitor CPU performance, total free memory, and battery life. The most useful tool of this app is (as you might have guessed it), the “Tools” menu. It has got everything from a handy cache cleaner to a task manager.


There are much more speed boosting and productivity apps that would help increase the performance of your phone out there. We have just scratched the surface in this article. Please let us know what’s your favourite app which helps to increase your smartphone’s stamina.