These Apps Will Track Your Sleep Health During The Night

Sleep Habits

Sleep plays a crucial role in our physical health. It’s involved in a lot of repair and healing processes in your heart and blood vessels. If you’re having trouble sleeping, you stand at a higher risk of getting kidney or heart diseases as well as high blood pressure. There are even reports which show that lack of sleep causes diabetes and stroke.

Last year, I came across surveys reviewed by try mattress which showed some interesting findings. Here, I learned that once you give sleep more attention, you can perform better throughout the day. So today, I would like to share some of the fantastic apps to analyze, track and eventually improve your sleep. Of course, I’ve tried out some of them, and I hope you’ll get one which suits you!

Sleep Habits

Sleep Habits


If you own an Apple device like an iPad or iPhone, this excellent app allows you to monitor your sleep easily. I love the way it automatically syncs with other apps like apple health to provide you with accurate data. Pillow tracks your sounds and body movements and even tells you if you’re a night owl or a morning person.



I would describe this app as your ‘personal assistant.’ It assists you in analyzing your sleeping habits as it improves your entire lifestyle and health. You’ll find it in simple and user-friendly designs. It’s just one of the most comfortable apps to manage!



If you’re struggling to wake up in the morning, then you need to use SleepTime+. It simply helps you to wake up feeling energetic and ready to tackle the day ahead. All you’ll need to do is put your smartphone on your bed. As you sleep, this impressive app will monitor all your sleeping patterns. It even has a smart alarm which wakes you up when sleep starts to fade!



SleepCycle is one of the most intellectual apps that you’re likely to come across. It takes time to learn your sleeping behaviours and wakes you up at the right moment! What I like most about it is that it tracks every stage of your sleep. So, it will show you when you were in a deep sleep, awake or even merely asleep. In doing so, you’ll know the points of rest that you’ll need to improve.


Sleep Genius

A group of neuroscientists first developed the app. A majority of people view it as one of the most suitable and trustworthy sleep tracking applications. NASA’s astronauts even consider it to be the best of sleep health apps. It’s just focused on giving you peaceful sleep plus it guides you when you decide to power nap!



Here is an app that helps you to get rid of insomnia, relax and reduce stress. It tries to calm your nerves to put you right to sleep, and it does this by playing soothing and relieving tunes! I’ve also found out that it can track all your sleeping behaviours and helps you ‘sneak in’ a power nap during the day.



From the above information, you can see how much innovations in technology are changing our sleeping lifestyles. Now, are you ready to solve your insomnia problem? If you are, then I would recommend that you use any of these incredible sleep health applications. They’ll show you the areas that you’ll need to improve on for enough rest during the night. In the end, you’ll wake up feeling re-energized and ready to go to work or school!