Appsolutely Essential: The Benefits Of Mobile Apps For Businesses

The Internet has changed the way we shop and look for services. If you run a business in the 21st century, there’s every chance that you have an online marketing strategy of some sort. If you’ve got a website and it is linked to sites like Facebook, this is a great start, but there’s so much more you can do with access to the web. One thing you may wish to consider is the value of going mobile and using apps to promote your business.


Creating your own app

When you use your phone, do you open a hundred different pages on your Internet browser or do you click on the app symbols on your home screen? If you use your phone on a regular basis, you’ll know that it’s so much faster, easier and more convenient to use apps rather than accessing the information you want or need through your browser. When you look at your phone, seeing the app logo can also prompt you to open it up and have a look, even if you were about to use your phone for a different reason. As an entrepreneur, having an app can promote your business, and also improve the customer experience. Once your client has downloaded your app, they’ll see your logo several times a day, and they can access everything they need within seconds. If you don’t already have an app, it may be worth thinking about getting in touch with mobile app developers. An app can be a very valuable part of your brand, and it can also set you apart from competitors. If you can guarantee a customer a simple, quick and hassle-free means of doing what they want to do, they’re likely to choose you over other firms.

App for Business

App for Business


Using other apps

Marketing your business isn’t just about developing your own app. It’s also beneficial to use other apps to promote your company and drive sales. Consider the impact of showcasing your products on apps like Facebook and Instagram, for example. If you run a clothes business, uploading photos to Instagram could result in several orders per day. Choose your hashtags carefully, and try and increase your following to spread the word. Link every post to your site or your app if you can purchase products through the app, and link up with other companies or users to get your images seen by more people. It’s easy to reach large numbers of people on Facebook via advertising, but it’s not as simple with Instagram. It is possible to buy followers, but networking is often your best bet. Get in touch with people and companies or media outlets that have a lot of followers and ask them to feature your products. The more publicity you can get, the higher the chance of making sales. You can also link to apps that offer services similar to those that you provide. If you own a restaurant, for example, consider the impact of appearing on apps that enable users to book a table or place an order online.



If you own a business and you’re not au fait with apps yet, now is the time to learn more, do some research, and find out how using your own personal app and other apps could propel you to the next level.