Astrum HT600 On The Ear Wireless Headphones Review – The Best in it’s Own type

Astrum HT600

There are a lot of headphones, and especially the wireless headphones are made by each consumer electronics maker company is focused these days. There are a lot of brands review you must be seeking, but this is different. If you aren’t aware of the Astrum brand, It’s a hong kong based brand which has an aim to enable people to get worldwide access to new technologies in the field of consumer electronics. It’s there own single Astrum HT600 review.

Astrum HT600

In-Box Content of Astrum HT600

  •  The headset itself
  •  Hard case to carry headphones
  •  Soft case to carry headphones
  •  Charging cable
  •  3.5mm both side aux cable

Astrum HT600 In Box Content

Build of Astrum HT600

Astrum HT600

When Astrum reached out to me at a glance, I thought it wouldn’t have the excellent build, but I was wrong when I started to experience and feel the headphones. The Astrum HT600 has everywhere soft leather possible it could in some areas like the back of the earcups has some plastic, and the extended adjustable headbands have plastic. Again using plastic is to save some costs as they are the budget pair headphones So no complaints about the build.

Astrum HT600

When you wear these headphones the only thing you feel in the head is the soft leather. Even the earcups ever the exact as my ear little smaller and perfectly adjustable headbands made the situation more comfortable. These headphones are super light after a period you might forget there are wireless headphones. Back to the left earcup has a small circle which has the power button and the Small Blue LED surrounded to the switch. While charging the same LED turns red. At the top of the earcup, it has “+” sign to increase volume or some cases it acts as next track. Similarly, at the bottom, it had “-” sign. The same earcup from the side had Mic, MicroUSB port for charging and 3.5mm input to use the headphones without Bluetooth. Between the earcup and the headband itself has a small Astrum branding on both sides. The headphones get inverted folded which makes it smaller than the standard size and easy to carry as they are already lightweight. The Headset weight is 140 grams.

Astrum HT600

It does have Bluetooth v4.0 and NFC as well to pair your headphones easily.

Sound of Astrum HT600

The headphones sound is the primary key reason for any headset out there, and There isn’t a disappointment for me with it. The headphones have 40mm drivers with the frequency of 20 -22000Hz The sound level is right and not high. Talking about the standards, the headphone has the decent bass for the bass lovers. It’s perfect at trebles and lows. There is noise cancellation Present in the headphones. The mic on the headphones is decent for the call again it does have the noise cancellation, but it get’s the thing done. The lightweight and sound combination makes the headphones unique and perfect to hear the audio for the long hours.

Astrum HT600

Battery life and overall performance of the Astrum HT600

It does support both Bluetooth and standard aux input. When you start the headphones it The Recorded Female Voice say’s ready, when Paired Connected and Turned off it says goodbye, Also at the battery low it does show small disconnection. Adding aux input for playing headphones without Bluetooth adds an excellent value for money to the headphones.

Astrum HT600

Regarding the battery life is brilliant. I had a use sometimes 1 hour or 1.30 hours in the travel. It could get me a week easily. Sometimes even two weeks depends upon the usage. To be specific almost 8 to 10 hours continuous you will be able to hear the music. The standby time is phenomenal.


I would say these are excellent buy headphones for sure. I can tell this space is evolving and definitely, I will give the Astrum HT600 a pick. Even with 200 Mah battery, it lasts super long than the normal ones. Also read about GoQuii Fitness family plan offers here.

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