Asus 6z Review – The phone you should know for camera tech

Asus 6Z

It was early 2019 where Asus announced the new zenfone which had to face some trademark issue. So in India, it did launch as the name Asus 6z. I’ve reviewed all the zenfone flagship right from the zenfone 1st launch in India. Let’s talk in detail about the Asus 6z. Read the Asus Zenfone 5z review.

InBox Content

  • Smartphone itself
  • Charging brick
  • USB to Type C cable
  • Transparent hard plastic case
  • Thick User manual
  • SIM ejector
  • In-ear wired earphone with extra ear tips


When Asus did announce the new flagship in early 2019 as it will be a flip camera phone, I thought it would be a delicate little device when it has mechanical moving equipment. When I unboxed and held the device for the first time, I was wrong. The curved glass alike back with the side metal rim. The design is a perfect sandwich of material. The flip design lets Asus to full-view display with NO NOTCH. The rear-mounted fingerprint scanner which is extremely fast. The vertical Asus logo is an immaculate and modern design.

Asus 6Z
Asus 6Z

The Sides of the Asus 6z has six antenna frame openings all at the top, right, left and bottom, making the network reception quality of extremely high. I appreciate Asus for keen looking at the small details. All buttons of the device are at the right-hand side of equipment: the power button, the volume rocker and a dedicated assistant button which triggers google assistant. The bottom of the device has the speakers, mic, Type C charging port and a headphone jack. The left-hand side of the invention has the SIM tray.

Software and Performance

The Asus 6z has the Snapdragon 855 inside which is 7nm process technology. This definitely leads to better performance and built for AI. This also helps in delivering amazing battery life. One more thing which Asus 6z did it for the first time, Is coming out of the box with the Stock Android. Asus’s this step is definitely making me feel that Asus is hearing each customer feedback in detail. Earlier it was only in the Max M1 pro then it came to the flagship.

Asus 6Z
Asus 6Z

I think Asus has worked each and every corner of aspect where they think they lacked and customer feedback are acknowledged to each extend by Asus. I will say the stock android step definitely grabs a lot of headlines as it becomes the second flagship after Pixel to offer Stock Android experience by default.

The gaming performance is Optimum to anyone’s expectation. You could play PUBG, COD mobile at the highest graphics without any lags. This is the case of Asus 6z with all the AAA titles but also I didn’t face any network issues with the game on the 4G connection. So the network reception quality and touch sensitivity is a brilliant device.


It was 2018 when all the flagship devices struggled a lot in terms of battery life. The Asus 6z takes it to complete new stage with 5000 mAh Li-Po Battery which guaranteed lasts for 1.5 days at least with almost 9 hours SOT. 9 hours usage had a major chunk of social media browsing and 1 hour of gaming and 1 hour of calls. The most impressive part of the device is definitely the battery.

The Camera of ASUS 6z

The flip camera you must already know but I took an experiment with the device. I handed over to all my colleagues, friends and only told them to open the camera and use the front camera. The moment they start the camera and hit turn on the front camera it creates an amazing satisfying motor noise which you feel and hear. That always surprised each one of them. Everyone was like “WOW!, which phone is this?” They turn the device look at the Asus logo and I say Its “Asus 6z”. One of the comment was like shit I must have bought this, Its a cool device than all the boring smartphones. This reply was just after the camera moment and No photo was even clicked. Great Job Asus.

Asus 6Z
Asus 6Z

There are dual cameras on Asus 6z, one is the 48 MP Sony IMX 586 wide camera and other is 13MP wide-angle lens. The flip camera gives you an amazing advantage that both these cameras can be rear as well as front camera. I’ll be posting a dedicated article for photos and camera experience soon. Also stay await for the best of year.


Android 10 is already available for Asus 6z and I’ve tested the phone on both the Android 9 and android 10. I must say Asus 6z is an incredible smartphone in terms of all the category. Little downside will be it’s not the A+ grade camera I’ll rate it A. For Video I’ll rate it B+. In the sale it was price around 27,999 and I think it’s a steal deal to get this phone. Overall I’ll rate Asus 6z A.