Asus ROG GL-552 Gaming Notebook Review

Asus ROG (Republic Of Games) series always made for gamer, with better dedication. We did seen an Asus Gaming CPU (Asus ROG G20) review which was really awesome. Here’s a laptop, a gaming laptop which has got a specs for its price

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Build of Asus Rog GL-552

The build of the Asus Rog GL-552 is no exceptional the best at looks, like the ROG series are made for. Those rubberized textured feel at side with mid logo over the brush metal like embedding mid makes it look stunning. It definitely made for the gamers and their dedication. When you open up the huge 17 inch screen it Absolutely an awesome grip enhanced with the amazing build of the device. The huge brilliant Red led keyboard makes it all stunning to the looks and the power button is just embedded. Over at one side there’s out of heat sink , with Charging input, DVI Projector output, HDMI, RJ45 ethernet jack and with 2 USB ports. while the other side is with Headphone and Microphone jack and One USB port and DVD RW drive



  • Intel Core i7 4th generation 2.6 Ghz with turbo boost upto 3.6 Ghz
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M
  • 1TB SATA HDD with 7200 RPM
  • 8x Super Multi DVD-RW Drive
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM
  • 15.6 inch 1920 x 1080 Full HD IPS Display

Peformance of Asus ROG GL-552

Gaming Machine is definite required to perform more better than a normal machine, The on paper machine is definitely makes it look great. We played a lot of time with GTA V and it rendered the game so smooth. We roughly got around 80 – 85 FPS for Low settings in GTA while for MID settings it drop down to 30 FPS.  We also tried TOMB RAIDER, Here the results were also same for Low settings it got 112 FPS while on Mid it got about 35-40 FPS. That makes it a good laptop to buy with. The Heat ness did reach till 80 degrees in my test.


Overall You have access to RAM and HDD so you can upgrade the laptop too. That makes it completely worth buy with performance of gaming.