Asus Transformer Pad TF103CG Review

Asus TransformerPad TF103CG

Asus had been trying a lot to get into the smartphone segment and also with their tablet segment. We did reviewed the Zenfone 5, which was really amazing product. This time its a full fledge 10 inch screen Asus Transformer Pad TF103CG.

Asus TransformerPad TF103CG

Asus TransformerPad TF103CG


Build of Asus Transformer Pad

The Asus been a company which manufactures the Nexus 7 tablet. In the case of the Asus transformer pad there was the same rubber like back panel present from the Nexus 7 2013 edition. This rubber back really adds a good grip while holding a device such huge. The Bezels at the side were huge kindly reminded me of Nexus 10 of samsung.The bottom had a 30pin connector with 2 more port to connect the keyboard which comes as other accessory to buy. Camera was at the centre top which was worst I seen.  The rubber grip did added good handling and that’s the only point I think specifically good in this tablet.

Operating system Asus Transformer Pad
The Asus transformer pad does come with zen UI, which was previously we seen in the Asus zenfone 5 and its line up. For the tablet it does seem as stretched interface from the phone and snap out horizontally. There was no interface to different orientation of the tablet as tablet was not comfortable to hold other than horizontal orientation. The same amount of bloatware were in the tablet, no extra added apps.

Performance of Asus Transformer Pad

The performance for normal use was smooth, no lags at all. Even at playing games was decent, high graphics games did seen some lags and gpu seems doesn’t render the graphics well sometimes, I did seen it in wwe immortals. In that game the rendering was not well that makes the tablet is not made for high end things.

Verdict of Asus Transformer Pad

Well for the price point I did think the tablet could do better, because they have their own competitor in this segment which will be preferred more. Still it depend on preference, if a bigger screen is a choice then it’s the tablet to go with decent use and decent gaming

Asus TransformerPad TF103CG

Rs. 18,975







Value for Money



  • Amazing Grip
  • Amazing Screen


  • Not so amazing performance