Asus UX360UA review – The Ultimate Laptop for normal user

Asus has been one of my favourites when it comes to the performance and high-end laptops. I am a high-end user who has to use photo-editing, video editing and the even game sometimes. Well, that is what just me and not possibly you one who is reading.

Not everyone is same, and everyone uses their computer for same reasons. That’s where consumer grade laptops come in.

I am especially talking of the Asus UX 360UA which is a consumer level high-end convertible.

What is convertible?

To make the word simple, convertible mean a combination a tablet and laptop. You could switch between it as it’s dedicated for both because of the support of the operating system. This came into existence all because of the Windows 8 was launched. It wasn’t the great hit yet it though existed.


Specification of Asus UX360UA

  • Intel Core M3 6Y30 Processor (4MB cache)
  • 4GB LPDDR3 1866Mhz RAM
  • 512 SATA M2.0 SSD
  • 13.3 Inch 1080P touch screen display
  • Ports :  1 X Power button, 1X volume rocker, 1X Headphone jack, 1X USB  3.1 Type C, 1 x USB-C Gen 1, 1X Micro HDMI, 1X SD Card Reader
  • 1.6 W Speakers And Array Microphone
Asus UX360UA Specification

Asus UX360UA Specification

Build of the Asus UX360UA

When I said it’s a consumer level high end. High end here means high build quality and no compromise in external hardware. Yeah, it had an aluminium build with amazing hinges which let you rotate your laptop 360 degrees. I’m surprised it is well build that it will never give you an issue on an long run.

The aluminium chasis gives it amazing looks. With all those ports i mentioned. It was great surprise.

I was disappointed with the charging port. Still they offer an USB C port. I would love to see charging and USB C port same. As they did it with the Asus Zenbook 3, its 2017 and expecting an type C charging is for sure true.

There were good speakers at the bottom to the keyboard. They were loud to the surprise.

The screen had an amazing viewing angles and more importantly amazing vivd colours. So you are not disappointed​ to the choice you made.

Performance and battery

It has a core M3 inside and which gives amazing competition to Intel core i5 4200U. I didn’t do any benchmarks with the device.

Because, it isn’t for the hardcore gamers or video editors something like that. Those people even aren’t the fan of touchscreen windows laptop or desktop.

It had the core m3 and m2.0 SSD which will never bottleneck your any performance you shoot over the long run. More to that it will always has windows 10 and creator update makes it more awesome.

Yes, you can run Photoshop or video editor it will work but not as quick you if you had used an powerful desktop or laptop.

It’s not a disappointment but shoot MS office it works awesome. It for multimedia it won’t disappoint you on that.

Talking to the point of battery life it’s decent I would say. I would end up watching 2 movies and still it had 25 percent battery left approx.

keyboard and touch pad

I personally wanted to talk of this as I said Asus hasn’t compromised anywhere. And it’s true with the keyboard and touch pad. If you use it laptop mode the first thing you need is the keyboard and touchpad.

The key travel was perfectly good. The keys were large and slim but I managed even this review half was typed on that laptop.

The touchpad had all the multitouch guesture support which windows support. You won’t be disappointed to that.


A great screen, a good battery life, a convertible seems like Asus gone totally right with the device slight at expensive side. I would love to see it priced slighted to down side.