Asus Zenbook 3 UX390U Review – Amazing Premium laptop at the best

Asus ZenBook 3

Asus needs no new introduction, and you must be knowing I have already reviewed its gaming line-up ROG series. The Asus ROG G20CB pascal, Asus ROG GL552. They are the ones which are my favourite. I specifically wasn’t the fan of its laptop series other than the ROG. Until they reach me out to send an Ultrabook of the Zenbook lineup. This is the review of the most premium line-up of the Asus, the Zenbook 3.

Asus ZenBook 3

Asus ZenBook 3

Build of the Zenbook 3

As I mentioned, it’s the most premium line-up so it should have the most excellent look as well as hardware. Asus Zenbook 3 surely won’t disappoint in the looks for sure. The whole unibody aluminium construction can attract anyone’s attention and surely looks. It offers three different colours Rose Gold, Royal Blue, and Quartz Grey. Our review unit was rose gold. The Asus Logo embossed at the top over concentric iconic metal design is Gold in colour. The side edges are also gold. Pricing as same as MacBook but they should either equalise the same or offer better to it. Asus Zenbook was just better to it in the looks department for sure. It’s 11.9mm thin and weighs only 910 grams.  I thought for such slim form factor it might lack and essential performance I was totally wrong about it. When you open up the beauty 12.9 FullHD display covered with Corning Gorilla glass 4. I will talk about the hardware, keyboard, and trackpad in the next session but overall for the build, I will give 9.5 out of 10.

Asus ZenBook 3

Asus ZenBook 3

Asus ZenBook 3

Asus ZenBook 3 Slim

Specification of the Asus Zenbook 3

  • Intel Core i7 7500U 2.4Ghz Dual Core 4 CPU Processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • 512GB NVMe SSD
  • 1080 FHD LED Backlit Display with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 Protection
  • Intel HD 620 Graphics
  • 1 USB type C port and 1 Headphone jack
Asus Zenbook 3 Specs

Asus Zenbook 3 Specs

Hardware Quality and Software Performance

  • Keyboard
    So let’s start with this one after to the screen this is the key highlights. The keys felt much premium on a laptop than I thought. The travel was small even after the keyboard was up to edge on edge. Moreover to maintain the design the laptop didn’t have different quality and coloured one power button. It was same as all another key on the keyboard only at the right corner. Also, the backlight keys make an excellent look and feel. I enjoyed typing on the keyboard. Even this review was typed on the Asus Zenbook 3. The F1-F12 were multi-functional as another laptop with Fn button next to the start button.

    Asus ZenBook 3

    Asus ZenBook 3 KeyBoard

  • Trackpad
    This was well-engineered part as it was exactly between my palm resting on the typing keyboard. A well-aligned trackpad the ZenBook 3 was greeted. The trackpad at the bottom had the invisible clickable right and left click. More to that at top right corner of the trackpad had the fingerprint sensor to take the most of the Windows 10.

    Asus ZenBook 3

    Asus ZenBook 3 Trackpad

  • Speakers
    The most complaint I had with a laptop it doesn’t offer good speakers. My statement entirely goes wrong with this ultrabook. It has the Harman/Kardon Speakers which are loudest of all the other laptops. They were punchy and more importantly it can even compete the desktop speakers. Those were the best speakers of any ultrabook can offer
  • Ports
    My only complaint to this ultrabook was the ports as it had only one type c port which was same for data and charging. I suggest Asus if they want this to continue to bundle a multiport hub with SD card with the laptop which will surely come in handy. Also, I am sure you will bundle a quality rather than customer opting for cheap ones available in the market.

    Asus ZenBook 3

    Asus ZenBook 3 Type C Port

Performance And Battery

The laptop isn’t specifically designed for the Gamers indeed it is especially for the one who travels a lot and needs small form factor without being a restriction of hardware. The core i7 indeed performs well, and it will perform much better to the MacBook. As it had the NVMe SSD, the laptop definitely boots under 5 seconds. So indeed it won’t bottleneck in your day to day normal browsing and documents editing. For small work in photoshop, it is good but not for the full time. Moreover, I loved to carry and work from anywhere.

We also ran few benchmarks and here are the scores of the same.




The battery on the laptop is polymer battery which 6 cell battery with 40 Watt-hrs power. Also, it bundles with 40W 2.25A USB type C charger.  It delivered around to 6 hours performance for me as it had a different use. I won’t complain its low but still for such light weight, it offers much more to my thoughts.


The Ultrabook entirely aims for the Apple MacBook customers. I would say a customer at that budget looking for a Windows alternative this is the best thing in windows laptop that they can get for sure. Also, they won’t be disappointed over the long run of this laptop. Asus being a well known and settled brand in India over the different categories. Also, I will recommend to buy you this Ultrabook.

Asus Zenbok 3








Value for Money



  • Great Screen
  • Brilliant Looks
  • Light weight
  • Awesome Speakers output
  • Great Color Options


  • Only 1 USB Type C port