Asus Zenpower 10050 mah power Bank Review

Asus Zenpower 10050 mAh PowerBank with Cyan Cover

The power banks are been great hit in the Indian market as the battery life of the smartphone being poor and users don’t have enough to charge for to manage the day. Also for the long journey the huge mAh battery had make its choice of portable charger. Also power banks has evolve much to charge faster. Somethings were similar as in the case of Asus ZenPower 10050mAh Power bank.

Asus Zenpower 10050 mAh PowerBank with Cyan Cover

Asus Zenpower 10050 mAh PowerBank with Cyan Cover


  • 8×10″ (20×25 cm) one-piece aluminum alloy outer casing with brushed metal finish
  • USB sensor good for up to 5,000 uses. Durable and reliable.
  • Output: 5.1V / 2.4A
  • Supports an input charge of up to 5V, 2A. Charges quickly.
  • ZenPower is the size of a business card. At 215g, it’s easy to carry around.
  • Available in Black/Silver/Gold/Blue/Hot Pink

Build of Asus Zenpower

When you look at the first glimpse of the Asus zenpower box then it similarly looks as the Xiaomi power banks, the same silver brush metal like finish. Yet there are multi colours variants of it including Gold and silver variant. Silver variant does look same as Xiaomi mi power bank but the Asus Zen power is very much smaller than that of the Xiaomi or even PNY power bank. The exact size would be the credit card size in case of height and the width while in the case of depth its pretty huge that makes it 10050 mah battery. Still the silver finish does makes look amazing but makes it slippery at the same time.

To add up more colours to the Asus Zenpower, Asus introduced the sets of rubber covers which definitely adds up way better grip to the power bank. These colours are bright and eye-catching colour, for the review we got the cyan colour which does reminded of the Lumia. The Covers rubber quality is way better than any other rubber cover for the power bank I seen. Also these covers completely change the look of the Asus Zenpower as you can see in the pictures below.

Charging Performance of Asus Zenpower


Well it takes a bit to charge, We recommend to use 2 amp adapter to charge the power bank quicker as it 10,000 mAh that the charger you may need to buy separately or may be bundle with your smartphone. It did charge very well Also good at the standby. The Single USB port present is a 2.4 amp which would definitely charge your smartphone faster then your 1 Amp adapter. Also those 4 white leds showing the charging percentage each represents 25%. At the box it says it can charge more than 2 Asus Zenfone 2 smartphone. For me it did charge my Moto G one time 100% and second time 50% of my Xperia Z. It was at the first charge so you keep charging it, it will give you the expected performance you will need. Also there are 11 safety features which makes it really ordinary to the other power banks.

Asus Zenpower 10050 mAh PowerBank Top

Asus Zenpower 10050 mAh PowerBank Top

Should You buy it ?

Its priced around 1500rs plus some more for the cover you may buy it. So That really makes me feel for the cheaper the rate There’s Xiaomi’s 10,000 mah power bank, Sometimes PNY offers at lower rate the 10,000 mah which is really great buy. For the same price of Asus Zenpower there’s Xiaomi’s 16000 mah power bank available. So who should be buying this, Well the person who needs a small as well as huge capacity power bank such person should definitely buy this power bank.



Overall for me its definitely a mix feeling for this power bank, I still think if the pricing it made a bit lower then it would definitely be recommended by many people, Also its single USB so I think it should be priced at lower to gain the existing market of the Xiaomi’s 10,000 mah power bank which is sold out even today.


Asus Zenpower


Build Quality




Value for money



  • Sleek Build
  • Awesome Colours
  • Fast charging


  • Bit more expensive as compared to competitor