Baromeeter App Review – The Party Companion

Baromeeter Screenshot

Parties are the trend which never goes and happens anytime. Sometimes it becomes better with an amazing place. Nothing can beat an amazing place with fantastic offers is a steal deal to go. It’s totally hard to find the best deals. We do have a friend who always keeps track of such deal each time for us. He is the one who always leads for better parties. I would say it could be an excellent idea if everyone is like the one of him. Let someone else work hard, and things be much simpler for you. This is the reason why smartphone has lots of apps for each one of the kind work you need to accomplish.

This is what when I team baromeeter introduce their app to me and I was utterly astonished by their specific particular idea.

Baromeeter Screenshot

Baromeeter Screenshot

User Interface

The App icon itself has a wine glass shape which notify’s the party companion app. Once you open it,  You will be greeted with exactly party gody colours. You are greeted with a brilliant menu which all of them are combos for your gang. All you need is to be pay booking amount and pay rest amount at the restaurant where the combo is valid. So read carefully before booking one. I can say currently there are the handful of restaurants, but it will soon evaluate to extend better. You have an option to check-in, chat and pending request to connect to new people around using the same app. More importantly much more updates will lead even too much better. Once you click on book, now the app takes it to its site payment gateway. The mode of payment is PayTM or PayUmoney which is indeed again an excellent choice over that. Their choices are exactly what today’s and upcoming youth wants in life.

Baromeeter Screenshot

Baromeeter Screenshot


Our Interaction with Baromeeter Team

1.        Can we know something about you like something before
Baromeeter and now as a Baromeeter?

_Rishabh with a finance and marketing background was working with a
financial consulting firm, and Utsa was working for A Natural stone
Export house having a marketing and background. As of now, Rishabh
is handling the financial and technical aspects whereas Utsa is
handling marketing and operations_

2.        What Inspired you to the idea of Baromeeter? And what
exactly you thought of an idea and how is it growing?

The _every weekend we have a ritual of making plans with friends, and usually we were ‘that’ friend who had the responsibility of making an apt plan that suits everyone. For that, the things to be considered are a __good __place, affordable deal, ideal time and day. So basically you can say, we made this app to make our lives simpler! Also, we all have single friends in a group who are looking out for action every time you go out in a group. So for that person, it would become a boon if he/she can find out who all are there at the cafe/bar they are at and perhaps, start a subtle conversation. Our app is not a matchmaking kind of app; it is just a simple conversation starter, an ice-breaker or as we like to call it, Your Personal Wingman!_

3.        Why the name Baromeeter?

_So it is like Bar-O-Meeter, meaning meeting up at bars. Since our
app has everything to do about going out for partying with friends
and making friends at parties, this suits it the best. Also, if you
see, the closest possible word with it is the barometer, which is a
measuring tool for air pressure. We intend to provide details of
how’s the weather inside that particular bar/cafe you wish to go.
As people say, “bhai, bataio mohol kaisa hai” , we want people
to refer to our app to checkout how’s the crowd, in real-time!_

Baromeeter Screenshot

Baromeeter Screenshot

4.        Can you share a glimpse of Revenue model to your idea? Or
how are you Benefitted?

_We enrol cafes and bars and charge commission for every deal bought
through us. Also, we take a monthly fee from them as we provide them
with a dashboard which they can use as a communication tool to
maintain their profile and send deals across to their customers, in
real-time. So basically, it’s a fun app for the users, but it’s
a utility tool for our clients i.e. the cafes and bars_

5.        I almost know the glimpse of startup, What was the most
down point to your startup? And how did you came out of it? Did you
think of Giving up?

_As clichéd as it might be, heading a startup is a roller-coaster
ride. And that roller coaster becomes more deadly when you are a
non-techy and running a tech project. It’s not about not knowing
the tech, tech can be understood pretty fast and as of now, we might
know more tech than a graduate. But the thing is that in this
eco system, unfortunately, there are many ‘opportunists’ who try
to “help” you and in the end, make a fool out of you There have
been instances when people had committed for a certain thing but
didn’t end up delivering it, which in turn did a lot of damage.
Also, because we had to outsource stuff initially, things got really
delayed and we missed a lot of opportunities. So these things tend
to dampen you and you feel like giving up, but then the only thing
that kept us going was our vision, our dream of this community that
we wanted to build. And the beauty of it is, that we both share a
common vision, so if one becomes a little dampened, the other pulls
you back up!_

6.        Similarly, what was the Up moment with the startup of

_Our very first sale! It gave us the hope that we are doing
something right somewhere. Also, when we crossed the 50 tie-up mark,
we were immensely happy._

7.        There are a lot of entrepreneurs out there, and some want
to be an entrepreneur, What will be your message to them and what
mistakes you want them not to make if they want to be one?

_Well, every startup would have its own journey, and it would be
beautiful in its own way. To tell budding entrepreneurs what not to
do is not something we would want to do. We would actually encourage
them to take bold decisions and see what best suits their venture.
Moreover, there is nothing such as ‘Mistake’ in a startup
journey, they are all ‘Experiences’. Good or bad, both are
important to shape up a successful startup. We would just advice
these guys to not get de-motivated because of bad experiences. They
should try and learn from them and learn fast. It’s a fast-paced

8.        What will be your expansion with the App means you will
offer more than bar type of categories or something?

_Our target market is the youth. So, anything and everything to do
with the youth, will be on our app sooner or later. To name a
few-lifestyle, fitness, apparels, sports, etc. We intend on making a
Baromeeter community, where our members get privileges wherever they
go and in whatever they do._

Baromeeter Screenshot

Baromeeter Screenshot


Overall I would say it’s a great initiative taken by them. I would say just party, I would add up some more things for couples, and family. It will be totally great in that as youth take intiative in all these things other than party as well. I totally wish the app a luck for future and It will be totally great to see them again on Absolute Gizmos.