BenQ Unveils W 1070+ & W1080ST+ Home Video Projectors for Instant Living Room Cinema Experience

BenQ W1080ST+

BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of digital display innovations and No. 1 brand in the Indian projector market with a share of more than 25% (Future Source Consulting and PMA report for projector business Q2, 2014), announced the launch of home video projector W+ Series with two models – W1070+ and W1080ST+ in short throw category. This series is the successor of the World’s largest selling living room projectors – W1070 & W1080ST.


The launch of these new-generation home video projector aims to reinforce BenQ’s market leadership and competitiveness as the leading projector brand in the 1080p projector segment. The W+ series is a complete full home entertainment package with cinema-class image quality, exceptional audio performance and delightfully easy installation which can turn any living room into an instant home cinema that can be enjoyed by the family and friends.


In continuum with our leadership in the projector category in India and worldwide market, we aim to introduce products that will further take it to new heights”, commented Rajeev Singh, Managing Director, BenQ India on the launch. “The W+ series is targeted at people seeking a fun and easy way to have large screen cinematic experience for movies or sports with family and friends while being the comfort of their home. These new-generation home video projectors are what we’ve worked hard toward bringing the simplest home cinema solutions into the living rooms of young families.”

BenQ W1080ST+

BenQ W1080ST+ Projector in India

Our Impression

Thanks To BenQ for inviting the product launch, I would say for the first time I really got deep into the projectors and knowing projectors. Key Features which is really liked about this projector was 1. Side projection 2. In-Built Speakers 3. 3D Full HD (3D kit is an Addon) 4. Wireless Kit (Addon) 5. Smart Eco Mode

1. Side Projection

Whenever there is a projector, a projector projects the light only to the front screen its not possible to project from the side angle, for side angle you again need to rotate your screen again whole your leaving room. Well this is not the case in the benQ projector both W 1070+ and W1080+ supports side projection even if you change the angle of projection you get access to side projector settings which will makes you lo0ok the projector is projecting at the front. This is really important feature I think This really impressed me at lot, Side projection had a very good accuracy.

2. In-Buit speakers

Projectors well always know to just to project a video, image or presentation whatever you like when it came to sound you always carried extra speakers with the projector to get amazing experience. With these BenQ W1070+ and W 1080ST+ both has inbuilt Speakers which are surround sound speakers which really makes amazing sound quality

3. 3D

It supports 3D and also converts 2D content to 3D , 3D kit is an addon you need spend extra bucks to get extra spare 3D googles. We didn’t had any impression on 3D content but this 3D technology is evolving day-by-day a lot.

4. Wireless Kit

Projector always create a mess of wires, even when you have source in other room and projector in other room we need long wires as well as it creates a huge mess. Its an addon by BenQ to such projectors a wireless kit, It consists of Transmitter to be connected to source via USB and other end Receiver to be connected to projected via USB. This has a good amaount of range You could keep the source in one room and projector in other room still it doesn’t creates a issue.

5. Smart ECO Mode

Whenever we hear about the eco mode in any technology it means it somewhat decreases the performance and quality to decrease energy consumption, This is again not in the case of BenQ projectors. What these projectors does is whenever in a scene there is a dark spots or dark areas so projector doesn’t sends light there and saves energy, with this no quality of picture is decreased and energy is saved. At the same time this increases the Projector Lamp life by twice times.

BenQ W1070+ Projector in India

BenQ W1070+ (Backside ports) Projector in India


Cinema Color Reality for Exceptional Image Quality

For the most captivating cinematic experience, BenQ has infused the W+ series with “Cinema Color Reality” picture performance. The most authentic, lifelike colors are rendered by a simulated REC. 709 gamut and the enhancement of a six-times speed, six-segment RGBRGB color wheel and BrilliantColor™ technology. No details will escape your eyes in the deepest, truest black with high native contrast ratio of 100000:11 & 2200 ANSI lumen brightness, and DLP DarkChip3TM. The projector is built to support 3D Full HD projection to fully immerse you in the joy of home entertainment fun. Plus, they are ISFccc®-certificated for professional calibration service from the Imaging Science Foundation. So you can have the color performance of the projector custom-calibrated to fit your living space.



100” Big Picture at 1.5 Meters with Short-throw Projection

The W1080ST+ – the short throw variant of the series gives you extra projection and installation flexibility with short-throw projection capabilities. Requiring only 1.5 meters to create a stunning 100” big picture, this user-friendly projector makes big-screen home entertainment possible in just about any living room!


BenQ W1070+ Projector in India

BenQ W1070+ Projector in India

An Audio Performance that Moves You

Besides the superior visual performance, the new home video projector is built with a 10W resonant chamber speaker that is expertly tuned to immerse you in your favorite movie, video or music with crisp-clear audio quality and deeper base tones. There are also four preset sound modes and an equalizer setting available to optimize any music you choose for the most optimal audio enjoyment.


User-Friendly Projectors that Are Simple to Install and Set Up

Setting up the home video projectors is a simple task for just about anyone in the family. The W+ Series is equipped with side projection capability to support off-center projector placement. This allows the projector to be flexible placed on a side table instead of on the coffee table, which might be used for popcorns and drinks. To set up the projector for the first time, you can follow the set-up wizard, which guides you through the set-up process with ultra-clear visual instructions and a self-explanatory user interface design.



From Mobile to Big-Screen Entertainment

The series is MHL-ready to amplify your mobile enjoyment. Using an MHL cable or a 3rd-party MHL dongle, you can easily stream digital contents stored in your MHL-supported smart devices onto the big screen with a simple plug and play.


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The W1070+ is available for RS 1, 10, 000 and W1080ST+ is available for Rs 1,25,000 across the country