BIOSTAR H110MH PRO D4 Motherboard Review

Biostar H110MH

The motherboard which is the most important component of the PC Build. Even if it is a beginner PC or Extreme Video editing or a gaming rig, the motherboard is necessary. Choosing right motherboard is much important. As it combines the processor, RAM, Hard disk, PSU and even GFX cards. This is Biostar’s H110MH motherboard.

Biostar H110MH

Biostar H110MH

Inbox Content of Biostar H110MH

  • Motherboard Itself.
  • CPU Back Grill.
  • Quick Installation Guide.
  • Drivers Disk.
  • 2x SATA Connectors.
Biostar H110MH In-Box Content

Biostar H110MH In-Box Content

Build of the Biostar H110MH

The first thing to notice on this motherboard is it’s colour combination. The Black and Yellow combination of the board is stand out to the typical build. The silver spokes on the motherboard go well with the colour. If you are planning for a transparent window case, the rear motherboard will look cool. The yellow DDR4 RAM slots were massive for this Micro-ATX type board. The PCI-E 16x slot is also well placed with perpendicular to RAM. There is 2 PCI-E 1x slot present. Just below the processor placement is the CMOS Battery. It has a 4 SATA connectors and beside to it is the 24 pin power connector

For the rear part of the cabinet, the motherboard had its plate. The rear had 2 PS/2 connectors for mouse and keyboard. With HDMI and DVI port for display. 2 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 Ports with RJ45 Lan Card connection was well placed. Lastly was the sound output three connectors.

Performance of Biostar H110MH

I would say its one of the motherboard which plays a significant role in benchmark. The Biostar has done a good job for a decent computer. It’s not for those who does overclock and-and play massive games. It could be for the compact PC and starter gaming PC something like that. This motherboard is dedicated to the starter gaming looking at the motherboard and its series.



The motherboard is priced for 4,999rs which makes it for starter gaming build or decent computer. Even It can be for Medi-core Gaming PC as it supports 32 GB 2133mhz RAM. So overall I didn’t Biostar will be so good at motherboard. They did it well for the price.