BlackBerry A10 to Aim Gamers after Aiming CEO, Enterpreners with its leaked A10 Phablet Specification

Blackberry Phablet
Blackberry Phablet

Blackberry A10 specification sheet leaked online

Blackberry After releasing its Q10 in india for 25k approx we got the leaked image of specification of the blackberry’s 5-inch phablet A10 which was exclusively seen on the crackberry looking at the processor it as Qualcomm snapdragon Pro dual core 1.7ghz processor with quad core graphics which means blackberry just don’t need enterpreners and CEO to buy their phones but also the mobile gamers and compete the smartphone market of android and iOS

Blackberry’s had been completely a device for enterpreners and CEO’s but after this specification I think I should change the words I never compared it to others because it always score awesome marks during the security but not duing the game and its benchmarks. So strategies are seen to be changing to gain the lossed smartphone market and gain some of it . Its been also seen that sheet says it has Blackberry OS 10.2 and the expandable upto 64gb with NFC sharing this things are seen to be totally changing their thinking and making it more user friendly to the people. Also during the making of Apps they were focused on Quality rather than quantity so this means Blackberry may have lots of plan in future to gain the smartphone market back after entering the race very late.

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