Why you should be buy OnePlus 5 ?

The OnePlus 5 is set to launch on October​ 22nd. Yet earlier to that almost everything is revealed. Its no surprise that same happened with the OnePlus 3 before launch. This time OnePlus itself leaked the design on the National Television during the India VS pakistan ICC Champions trophy final game.

Now I can give you key reason why you should.

OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5

Dual camera system

It’s no surprise that almost every company wants to adopt dual camera system after what Apple did with its iPhone 7 and 7 plus.

No doubt the OnePlus 5 was also rumoured and indeed it has.

It has an 16MP sony unit f/1.7 camera and 20 MP sony sensor F/2.4 telephoto lens camera. This is true that you will get 2x zoom and more importantly portrait mode.

Also OnePlus claims to have highest resolution in dual camera system. It was shown the verge video.

Also circuit breaker site confirmed that OnePlus will be partnering DxO mark for the camera. Then it’s definitely the best camera for sure.

OnePlus 5 rear camera

OnePlus 5 rear camera

Flagship performance

This point is mandatory for every new OnePlus device for sure and no doubt the OnePlus 5 will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Also it is gonna be having 8 GB ram varaint in the top model.

So hardcore gamer and multi tasking will definitely​ face almost no issues.

Even the mistakes of OnePlus 3 of ram management will not be faced as company has learned it.

Value for money

This is the key thing for the OnePlus and I should say it’s the only phone which replaces the Google Nexus lineup. It is indeed the Nexus of the Android.

It’s expected pricing is to be 33,000rs for base model in India and 36,000rs for the top model. So it’s sure that still to be considered the flagship killer as well great value for money.


Love it or hate it but it’s gonna have the iPhone 7 plus alike design for sure. As they have telecasted the advertisement on Indian national television.

I’m pretty much okay with it. Just because there are iPhone alike android device but no one can match the performance alike to that of what OnePlus could offer. So you should be happy about that.



Overall I’m sure OnePlus 5 is definitely gonna be big hit in the Indian market. Already I have lot of query to the Pre launch of the device. So I can see the hype and hope OnePlus maintains that hype well. You already got everything you want best performance, best camera , best value for money, best software experience and much more.