NETGEAR Orbi RBK20 – A Tri-Band Wi-Fi System for Broader Range of Homes & Budget

Orbi RBK20

Hardly a day goes by without yet another organisation falling prey to a cyber attack or data breach that has led to reputational and financial losses, home routers can also play a more significant part in accessing your files and folders. if configured incorrectly it can become an open door allowing hackers and cybercriminals to infiltrate your network and potentially hack your system. NETGEAR’s NETGEAR Orbi RBK20 Wi-Fi Router and Satellite delivers unparalleled Wi-Fi coverage and at the same time provides high security to your internet devices. The Orbi RBK20 can cover homes up to 4,000 square feet with strong […]

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HyperX Cloud Alpha First Impression – The best gaming headsets ?

HyperX Cloud Alpha

HyperX is indeed the favourite amongst the gamers. Indeed we have reviewed HyperX Cloud core, HyperX Cloud Drone, And even RAMs. Each headset if you recall over review we have said the best headphones for sure. Indeed they are still the best, but what if the best get even better. Yes, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is the one which promises as well are the one in our impressions. HyperX showcases their Cloud Alpha in demonstrator event for the gaming community withCezor in Mumbai on the 10th of May 2018, to showcase their latest gaming headset – HyperX Cloud Alpha. The headset was showcased […]

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Astrum SoundBox ST150 Review – The best pocket speaker ?

Atrum SoundBox ST150

Hello everyone, Astrum actually requires a bit of the introduction to you, but not if you already followed me here. I have earlier reviewed their Bluetooth Headphones you can check it out here. Astrum HT600 did impress me and I didn’t expect it to turn good. Earlier on this site, I reviewed the SoundBot SB572 Bluetooth Speaker which is too awesome at battery life. The Astrum Soundbox ST150 when we were supposed to receive it, We thought to compare it with the Soundbot. When we unboxed the speakers I thought they shouldn’t be compared to it. It’s because Astrum SoundBox […]

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Infinix Quiet 2 Noise cancelling headphones review

Infinix Quiet 2

Infinix mobiles entered the Indian market last year, and I have received the pair of headphones from Infinix to review which are entirely different to the pair of the headphones you own. They are called Infinix Quiet 2, and they are the only headphones under budget which have dedicated noise-cancelling. Yes, the noise cancelling makes it different from the others, and I will share to how much over this review. I do have reviewed and used multiple headphones from Sony, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Mi, OnePlus, Boat, and Skullcandy ones. Inbox content of Infinix Quiet 2 – The Headphones itself 2 […]

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SoundBot SB572 HD Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review – The Best Bluetooth Speaker in Budget

SoundBot SB572

There is a smartphone industry innovation which always pushes forth the other technology and the accessories for it. One such product is the Bluetooth speakers. There are a lot of brands has been into this category from the affordable to a most premium brand like Bose also makes a portable speaker. I do love the Logitech and The Xiaomi Bluetooth speakers, Also the people choice is the JBL. After to it, SoundBot came to us to review their latest product SoundBot SB572, and It somehow shook my list of the portable Bluetooth speaker which are always recommended by me. It’s […]

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