Coolpad Dazen X7 review – The mediatek optimised phone

Coolpad Dazen X7

Coolpad a company which entered the Indian market recently and can say its prior hit in the market. Two phones currently in India the coolpad dazen x7 and coolpad dazen one.

Coolpad Dazen X7

Coolpad Dazen X7


Build quality of Coolpad Dazen X7

The build of this phone kindly rreminded me of the beauty of the sony xperia z when it was launched for the first time. The both side of the Dazen x7 have gorilla glass with thin metal at side. I had the white colour one for review it looked really well. Seems to be delicate but its sturdy because it fell a few times from my hand and no cuffs or damage were seen. The camera was purported little bit which dosent effected much. The top had a headphone jack and a metal made volume button at side. The other side has the lock button and two sim card tray as its a unibody design or non removable battery. The bottom had speakers grill similar to that of the iPhone and micro USB at center. Overall design looked good for the coolpad dazen x7.

Unboxing of Coolpad Dazen X7

Software of the Coolpad Dazen X7

The Coolpad Dazen X7 comes with CoolUI which is skinned over Android 4.4 kitkat, No words about Android Lollipop yet by the company. The interface is more like the MIUI which we seen in Xiaomi Mi4 and much inspired from iOS too. The multi-tasking was from totally iOS. Well that was completely from the experience of Software which isn’t buggy but real flagship experience. It doesn’t packs the hardware that to expect as a flagship yet the existing hardware is set to be well optimized for the country like India. The dealing of the mediatek octa core is done well yet it seems heating after normal camera use ( Not overheating). We will talk about the camera and gaming in a bit. Overall it came with a complete software experience as needed. Still the software hasn’t given USB OTG support which is completely blocked.

How to Force Coolpad Dazen X7 in WCDMA mode to run only 3G SIm card Range

  • Open Dialer, *#*#4636#*#*.
  • You will get the below screenshot
    Coolpad Dazen X7  OS  accesssablity

    Coolpad Dazen X7 OS accesssablity

  • You will see a drop down ment where LTE/GSM auto PRL is selected, In that dropdown box select WCDMA and your phone will get only 3G range. To reset come to same menu and select LTE/GSM Auto PRL.

Performance and Gaming of Coolpad Dazen X7

The coolpad dazen x7 has a mediatek true octa core chipset which seems to have a over heating issue in whichever device we seen using. Well in this phones there’s bit of heating that’s for true but not over heating. Still the snapdragon 800/801 heat less as compare to mediatek octa-core. The coolpad has tried well to optimised the phone, they succeeded but I think they could even better succeed with snapdragon processor inside. We run antutu benchmark which didn’t seen any frame drop over 1920 x 1080 resolution it peak to 43,000 score which was impressive.

Coolpad Dazen X7 Antutu

Coolpad Dazen X7 Antutu

Camera of Coolpad Dazen X7

They talked a lot at launch event of their rear 13MP F/1.8 Camera, Well on paper it looks amazing that no device is offering such camera. In our test it was really good but at daylight, at low light it was noisy even in Pro mode it had some noise. F/1.8 aperture means good depth of field and it doesn’t disappoint us in that. Here are the samples you can look at it.


Battery Life wasn’t the best in my results it couldn’t last full day even its 2,700mAh. After social networks, youtube , emails it ended before the complete day. Some other competitor offers a good battery life so that’s not a point its making me to think about before suggesting this device.


Well I can say Coolpad dazen X7 priced approx 17,999rs is a pretty impressive device but battery life could had been better and they really have a choice of choosing good SOC. Even Lack of USB OTG support at this price point is crucial.


Coolpad Dazen X7










Value for money



  • Amazing Speakers
  • Brilliant Display
  • Good Camera at daylight
  • Good software Experience


  • Still heats on normal usage
  • No USB OTG support
  • Expensive