Corsair K70 Red Gaming Keyboard Review – The Pro Gamers Keyboard

Corsair K70 Red

We already reviewed some of the gaming keyboard like Dragonwar GK-005, But this the next level of all the keyboard I reviewed, the Corsair K70 Red. Its looks, its feel of typing and comfort everything adds up to something.


Corsair K70 Red

Corsair K70 Red


The Build of Corsair K70 Red

When a keyboard is costly its complete mechanical, huge buttons , backlit LEDs makes it a complete gaming keyboard and all these things are present in Corsair K70 Red. In Corsair K70 Red, The red backlit are only backlit LEDs are present in the keyboard. The keyboard has a stylish brush aluminium finish which makes it feel really great. The Keyboard will give the serious gamers really one of the best experience they could get. In this keyboard there are 2 variants one is the Brushed Aluminium and other is the black anodised variant depends on the feel which you prefer. As both looks great we had only black one to test yet it feels robust for the typing experience. This keyboard has 2 USB to attach as it needs bit more power to be the great performer with those leds.


Keys of Corsair K70

No doubt being a gaming keyboard the keys are huge. The key is single thick slab of aluminium that makes up the top layer of the keyboard base. The thickness is about of 2mm thick which is utterly great for a typing experience. The typing experience of the keys are soft not as hard compared to other. So it depends on your style which you love those who love hard keys these keys aren’t much good for you. In start feeling such soft keys made me tough to handle yet as time passed it made me feel amazing of these keys.

The soft touch black hard plastic keys finish off the all-black look while red lightning adds amazing look to it. There are 2 programmable modes keys of those lights one is for the brightness of the red lights and other is for keys style. The keys style button either turns on the gaming important keys red colour or the lighten up all the keys light. If you need to turn off the lights you can use the brightness key to make it complete dim to turn it off.

Corsair K70 Red Backlit with special red keys

Corsair K70 Red Backlit with special red keys


Feature of Corsair K70

The features which this keyboard adds up are really great. There is the special volume cylinder button which is really great for controlling the volume. Also sound off button is next to it which is small yet clicky. Below to these button are the various multimedia keys like stop, backward reverse, play/pause, forward buttons which if good controls while playing a song or a movie. It’s not expected to see such buttons in the gaming keyboard but these buttons makes this keyboard usable to everyone. Also there is bunch of gaming keys extra which are red included in the box which really makes it amazing for the gamer dedicated user. Also the wrist rest pad is included for the keyboard.

Corsair K70 Red Multimedia and volume rocker button

Corsair K70 Red Multimedia and volume rocker button


Is it Really Worth Buying ?

I really thought about this question but at that price point it’s the only keyboard one could buy. The only thing it lacks is the dedicated set of programmable ‘G’ gaming keys and macro banks ike on logitech G710. For that you need to step up to Corsair K95.



The corsair K70 is really one the best keyboard for its experience I have tested. It’s the best premium mechanical keyboard you could buy. If you want to buy it for typing or gaming it’s the best keyboard yet. It depends if you want G programmable keys or not.

Corsair K70


Comfort/ Ergonomics











  • Premium Looks and feel
  • Amazing Mechnalical Typing experience
  • Key have nice grip and soft feel
  • The red Keycaps actually works while gaming
  • great backlit leds


  • Keys aren't noisy
  • No gaming dedicated buttons