Creative Peripherals: The sole distributor for Beats

Formed in 1992 with a team of only three people, Creative Peripherals and Distribution Pvt. Ltd has successfully cemented their place as the focused company in distribution of IT and non-IT products. Be it telecom or CE products, it has a powerful reach across India. This renowned firm has a family of more than 100 employees and 2000 channel partners.


To add more essence to the company’s success, it has successfully revolutionised itself from a trading firm to value-added distribution organisation in a matter of 18 years with the outstanding integrated Supply Chain Solution Provider from Telecom, CE products, and IT. One of the Creative Peripherals’ many strengths include direct access to resellers/retailers and execution of direct breadth billing across cities or regions in West India. Moreover, it has the strength of importing, retailing, and distributing products and has been unfailingly able to ace each stage in the value chain. It encompasses the ultimate flexible business terms that go hand in hand with every fragmented system/integrator/retail partner.


Beats by Dr Dre and  Creative

Beats by Dr Dre and Creative


Creative Peripherals is the sole distributor of Beats Electronics. Beats flourished in 2006 as the product of famous artist and producer Dr. Dre and Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records Jimmy Iovine. It offers a supreme sound experience to its customers. It is the parent company of Beats Audio HD-sound systems, Dr. Dre line of best headphones, and the MOG digital music service. Beats India consists of premium and best headphones, speakers, earphones, streaming music subscription service and audio software technology. With the help of these top-class services, Beats India has effectually scaled up the emotion, energy, and passion of playback in the recording studio and created a great listening experience. Over the years, it has established a brand-new music generation and widened the scope of exceptional sound entertainment.