Creative Sound Blaster Roar Review – The Speakers which are more than Portable

Creative SoundBlaster Roar

We did seen lots of portable speakers in review like the logitech X300, Logitech X100 and many more tested personally. All these speakers where dedicated to its form factors and mainly the sound output Via aux or bluetooth. In fact that’s what portable speakers are suppose to do. The perception of seeking the perfect portable speakers did changed when Creative Sound Blaster Roar Came in for review.

Creative SoundBlaster Roar

Creative SoundBlaster Roar Front

Features offered by Creative Sound Blaster Roar

  • Bluetooth portable speakers (Also NFC connectivity)
  • Direct MicroSD card support to play song
  • Can be used as Computer speakers via USB cable
  • Also MicroSD card reads the card on PC when connected to PC via USB cable
  • Direct Pendrive Play support
  • Also can charge phone as portable charger when connected via USB port
  • Link security for various connection mode
  • Speakers teleconferencing
  • Integrated Voice recorder
  • 8 hours audio playback
  • TeraBass button to enhance low levels of bass


Build of Creative Sound Blaster Roar

The Creative Sound Blaster Roar isn’t the small form factor which could fit inside the pockets or half either they are huge in form factor. The speakers fits well on the hand that’s enough for portable speakers when you once start listening to the audio output its totally worth the form factor its designed too. Over to the front side you will see the major part over covered with speakers grill over to top it has rubberize texture which curves to top and speakers grill curves to bottom. At the front on rubberize texture you have bluetooth/Call button, Volume down, Volume up, Dedicated Road button, Power Button. Also there is notation light for turn on, Charging indicator, and NFC symbol present at the front.

The Top side it has lots of buttons from the top ARM on/off slider, Tera Bass Alarm Button, LS 3 way slider button, Play/Pause Button, Previous next button, Shuffle/ Repeat Slider, Recording Start and Play/Pause buttons, Microphone mute/on button. There are also various slots like MicroSD card slot, MicroUSB connector, USB 2.0 port, AUX input and 15V charging port. overall the design was really amazing and it was more premium for a product of creative I have seen.

Performance of the Creative Sound Blaster Roar

The Creative Sound Blaster Roar did got connected quickly via NFC. The moment I started the music the speakers did shown a deep bass and I didn’t expected that from the speakers like this. The clarity performance was good, good preset over to treble. Well this things are for bluetooth speakers, You can connect these speakers to PC via MicroUSB to USB cable and use as Full Fledge PC Speakers which sounds Interesting Good. You can even use Mega stereo cable for for connecting multiple creative roar which acts as left and right speakers for surround sound. More over You can insert Pen drive in USB port or Micro SD card Directly to play songs via above given buttons. While Playing Roar button gives more



The Creative Sound Blaster Roar is Definitely Recommended from us when you want the speakers with Multiple features and good sound quality. This speakers are not just dedicated for one particular segments they are even more. This could be the best innovative product from the creative. The Creative sound blaster roar is definitely our best choice for portable and multi-purpose speakers for Smartphone, tablets, PC and mac.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar








Value for money



  • Lots of Features
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Good build


  • Expensive