Digital accessories brand ‘FINGERS’ launched

Introduces 6 unique products first-time in India and 3 first- time in the world

Editorial highlights:

1. Company promoted by Mr. Sandeep Parasrampuria, a veteran in the IT products space

2. Launches 40+ avant-garde products with 6 being first in India and 3 of them being world’s first!

3. Aims to be India’s No. 1 digital accessory brand with revenues targeted to reach over INR 500 crores in the next three years

Dynamic Conglomerate, a company founded by IT veterans committed to providing a host of innovative IT, lifestyle and telecom accessories today announced the launch of its maiden consumer electronics brand, ‘FINGERS’.

With innovation and quality focus at the core, FINGERS as a brand is setting out to make itself synonymous with a new language of technology by launching 40+ products in the IT and Mobile Accessories space with 6 being firsts in India and 3 of them being world’s first! Wired and Wireless Headphones, earphones and portable speakers will be few of major categories out of 10+ categories that FINGERS will begin its foray with.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Sandeep S Parasrampuria, Founder and CEO of Dynamic Conglomerate said, “FINGERS will bring a new wave of innovation to the digital accessories space in India. Easy to use, latest in technology and keeping up with trends world-wide will drive us to present a range that should be exciting as well as meeting the needs of Indian consumers. We endeavor to create benchmarks for performance in our range of products. With 6 first timers in India and out of that 3 being first in the World gives us a beginning we are happy to have.”

He added, “Over the next 6 months we plan to introduce another 50+ new products and expand our network across 250+ cities in India and then move internationally. With the Indian mobile accessories market slated to grow at a CAGR of over 10% till 2023, it is beyond doubt that FINGERS is set to be at the fingertips of many Indians millennials and will become the No.1 Indian brand within few years in most of the product categories that we venture into. Our aim will be to capture at least 10 percent of India’s branded accessories market within next 3 years.”

The products being launched for the 1st time in the world and India include, FINGERS Resonance, which is the World’s 1st Bluetooth in-ear headphone with 3D Resonance technology, size-defying bass and a playback time of 15 hours. This technology will let you #FeelTheRealBass just as if you have sub-woofers in your ears. A completely new experience for music enthusiasts, movie lovers and phone gamers!

Next in line is the FINGERS Chic BT5 with flattering looks, which is India’s first fast-charging Bluetooth in-ear headphone that provides an astonishing playback of 2 hours in just 5 minutes of charge time. Interestingly on full charge, it provides a mammoth over 9 hours of playback/talk-time.

FINGERS Sugar-n-Spice will have the distinction of being the World’s first Bluetooth on-ear headphone with contrasting ear-cups that offer an exemplary visual look to match your style and feel. It is not only a full function headset with Bluetooth®, FM, MicroSD and Aux but also provides high level of sound quality with bass tuned to Indian ears.

For those looking for a compact companion and who loves to talk non-stop, Comfy MusiTalk is the India’s first Mono Bluetooth headset offering unprecedented 13 hours of talk-time. It also comes with an interesting rotating design making it wearable on either ear.

Also, on offer is Sound-N-Touch Glow M3Mobile Cable. Sound-N-Touch Glow M3 is the World’s first Mobile cable to glow at the sense of sound or touch while also supporting fast charging.

Finally, the sixth in the list of first timers is FINGERS Knockout which is touted to be India’s toughest portable speaker. Drop, Shock, Knock – Music will still rocks! It is not only the toughest but is also bundled with wireless Mic for karaoke nights or to host a party. It has 9 pre-recorded tracks including Happy Birthday and Anniversary tunes. It also lets you record 140 seconds and playback. It is a full function party speaker with FM, USB and Aux. In case you want to double the fun, FINGERS Knockoutsupports TWS (True Wireless Stereo) to enable you to connect 2 of them together. Now partying will be different experience!

Talking about the new brand name FINGERS, Mr. Parasrampuria added, “We brainstormed a lot on the brand philosophy before finalizing‘FINGERS’ as our brand name. People today consume digital technology with their fingers by touching, feeling, carrying and playing with their gadgets. Fingers today are the main connect between technology and the human mind. We are sure, you make gestures with your fingers, consciously or subconsciously for showing direction, expressing love, etc. Fingers communicate a lot – It’s a language!

And to establish FINGERS synonymous with “A New Language of Technology” is our endeavour. We believe technology should be innovative and speak in a way that inspires consumers. What better a brand name than the very medium through which we consume digital experiences, hence the name FINGERS.”

The launch team at Dynamic Conglomerate with over 450 years of combined experience in digitalaccessories and peripherals are set to take theIndian consumers to the next level in a way theyfeel, play and experience technology. All this while staying true to their belief in being MAD(i.e. Making A Difference) and bringing about anew language of technology. It would be safe to assume that with such an exuberant start, FINGERS is on track to become the No.1 Indian brand within few years in most of the product categories it will venture into.