Download video from youtube without software on any browser

Download video from YouTube easily

In this post we will see the most easiest way to Download video from YouTube without using any software .

YouTube as we all know is the best platform to express our ideas and opinions , or to show off our unique skills and talents in the form of video . YouTube is used by many internet marketers  to market their product on the internet .

We use YouTube to listen songs, watch videos , trailers , game reviews before buying the game , Watch News , and our favorite TV shows online .

Now many times there is a need to download video from YouTube and save it in our PC / Storage media . To accomplish this task there are a number of various methods that can be found online by just searching Google for “Download video from YouTube” . All these methods have their own unique way of downloading the video and then serving it to you .

Follow the below steps to download video from YouTube :

  1. Open the video that you want to download from YouTube  .
  2. Next , remove this part from the address bar of your browser —> http://www.
  3. This means suppose you want to play the video  , then remove http://www.  from the above URL and follow step 4 .
  4. Ok now simply add ss in the beginning of the URL , the entire URL should now look like this now
  5. Click on the image below and see the URL , to get a clear idea .
Download video from youtube

See the URL carefully


DONE! , now all you need to do is to press enter and you will be taken to a new webpage that will provide you with a number of video downloading options including format like FLV , mp4 etc , as shown in the image below

Download video from youtube formats

You can choose from many formats available

The best thing about this method to download video from YouTube is that you don’t have to install any kind of software like Java , YouTube Downloader’s , Browser plug-in etc .

All you have to do is to modify the URL and press enter to start downloading your video . Easy as that .

BONUS : This method works with YouTube as well as 40 other websites including some file sharing websites , and social networks . This is one of the most effective and effortless method to download video from YouTube .

To know about the websites supported by this method please visit :  for more details .

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