Dragonwar ELE-G7 Chaos Bluetrack Gaming Mouse

Dragonwar Chaos ELE-G7

Dragonwar has been a company which creates a gaming device which is dedicated. Uptill now I reviewed the GKM-001, dragonwar Thor, and this is dragonwar ELE-G7.

Dragonwar Chaos ELE-G7

Dragonwar Chaos ELE-G7

What’s inside the box of Dragonwar ELE-G7?

1.The mouse itself.
2. Driver CD.
3. Small mouse mat.


Dragonwar ELE-G7 when it’s off you will notice the Dragon design on the mouse, hard plastic feel,bit smaller to the grip of dragonwar Thor. Yeah the grip is small but the height is more as compare dragonwar Thor which nullify the grip. What the dragonwar ELE-G 7 chaos impress is the lights two front headlight like lights which are distinguish over the wire. That beauty is the reason which will definitely make any gamer buy this mouse. The wire is long enough unlike all the products of dragonwar. The mouse is grippy, stylish and perfect of any gamer or graphics designer. The build of dragonwar ELE-G7 is both hand that is left and right handed oriented. The matherial was hard plastic with rubberized grip.


Buttons and Software

There were about of 6 buttons on the drgonwar ELE-G7 that is left click, right click, scroll button, DPI settings button, IE forward, IE backward. The placement of IE forward and backward was perfect due to added more height. Clicking all the buttons were perfect feel perfect in the hand. There’s no trigger button in this mouse like the Dragonwar Thor, Still its really a good alternative to thor. If you talk of the software prospectus the driver CD came inside. As always there was the profiles to be set where you could change the buttons to be set.


I really think it’s also the perfect mouse over the dragonwar Thor. It’s perfectly grippy due to the rubberised feel makes it more comfort. Also it’s a great mouse with good value for money to buy.

Dragonwar ELE-G7








Value for money



  • Amazing lights
  • Good grip to buttons
  • Amazing length of wire