Dragonwar GK-005 M-Matador Compact Gaming Keyboard Review

Dragonwar GK-005

Dragonwar is a company which is dedicated for the gamers. Uptill now we seen Dragonwar war GKM-001, Dragonwar Thor, Dragonwar ELE-G7 . Now it’s a complete mechanical keyboard, the Dragonwar GK-005.

Dragonwar GK-005 M-MATADOR


The hard plastic and mechanical inside makes it heavy and more sturdy, the Dragonwar GK-005 keyboard is compact due to no number pad at right. The buttons are soft as compare to the GKM-001, with back-lit LEDs increases it’s beauty at night. Asual these back-lit LEDs are programmable but it has more program features than the combo and also more in price. Due to the keys hard you may won’t hear the noise as the semi mechanical keyboard. You will still like a lot if you hardly use number pad, I specially missed it a lot. The game profiles buttons were there and gamer special buttons like W, A, S, D were in red so as to notice at night. Pretty much happy with its sturdy build over the bottom there was the rubber stopper and elevate stands which add a height to it but thickness of keyboard will never want you to do. The wire was long enough and same threaded coiled like any  dragonwar product.


Software and buttons

The driver CD was included in the box of GK-005 I did install it whose interface is different and more amazing I seen in any dragonwar product. You could set and save different game profiles and change it right from the keyboard with the game profiles buttons. It could save up to 7 profiles which are more than enough. The buttons were amazing the soft touch did made it feel more to play more and game on.


The only part of disappointment was the missing number pad for me in Dragonwar GK-005. Overall for the price point of 7,000rs it’s pretty much impressive keyboard to buy.


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