DRAGONWAR GKM-001 Review – The Entry Level Gaming Combo set

Dragonwar GKM-001 Gaming Mouse keyboard Combo

Well I had been a gamer, long ago before blogging with normal keyboard and mouse. I never thought to switch to gaming keyboard. Until I reviewed the DragonWar GKM-001. GK series means Gaming Keyboard and GM means Gaming Mouse. GKM means gaming keyboard mouse and combo which is specifically the only keyboard mouse set by the company.

Dragonwar GKM-001 Gaming Mouse keyboard Combo

Dragonwar GKM-001 Gaming Mouse keyboard Combo

Design of DragonWar GKM-001

When its a gaming keyboard its should be hard, sturdy enough, heavy from the normal keyboard, backlit led which are programmable with the choice. All these things are offered over by this Dragonwar GKM-001. In case of such gaming mouse, its large which amazingly fits in the hand, 5 buttons with DPI adjustment buttons so that you could adjust the DPI as per the game or the multiple monitor setup. The DPI ranging from 800 to 3200 DPI. You have option to choose 800/ 1600/ 2400/ 3200 DPI option to change in between. The batman like look of the mouse really make it feel more to the gamer. Also forgot to mention the rubber stopper bottom of the keyboard at the four ends will add grip to the keyboard over any surface. Both these keyboard mouse combo had stitched threaded over the wire which is amazingly long enough and those USB ports with slight gold plated made an amazing deal to buy.

Keys and Mouse Buttons of DragonWar GKM-001

The Company claims out the keyboard is semi-mechanical, not a complete mechanical but still the keys were hard. Whenever the keys over keyboard of Dragonwar GKM-001 produces the mechanical like sound which definitely makes it more to use over. Mechanical keyboards are worth to invest as they don’t get spoil as that easy. Also hard and solid which never makes you feel outdated. Once you use such type of keyboards you will never revert back to other keyboards. Take a look at breathing light below.


Just seen breathing light on the Dragon War keyboard mouse combo #gaming #keyboard

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To do this press the FN key with the light button.

Talking about the buttons over the mouse which are completely customizable as per your choice of use whether you are lefty/ left handed or Right handed you could customize the button. You could see the image below this how the settings panel come. You need to install the driver for that customization. There’s no way on these mice you could set the light as per you need, it keep on blinking at particular interval of time. Setting profile on the mouse for particular game is also present.

Dragonwar GKM-001 Gaming Mouse Settings

Dragonwar GKM-001 Gaming Mouse Settings


Overall Looking at the price point which is about Rs. 2,790 over amazon I really fel that its worth the deal to go. Its an entry level gaming keyboard you could get it at best for the price you pay.

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DragonWar GKM-001

Rs. 2,790



Buttons Experince


Mouse Handling


Value for Money



  • Amazing programmable Blacklit LED with breathing lights
  • Amazing build quality
  • Good grip to mouse for both handed


  • Would Like to see programmable lights on mouse too