Dragonwar Thor ELE-G9 – The best mouse for gamers at budget

Dragonwar Thor

PC gaming has never seem to die and still competitive to the consoles. I also used to be the PC gamer mostly first person shooter action game used to be my favorite, still they are. When I got the Dragonwar Thor for review, one of the best mice to review I was impressed by its looks.

Dragonwar Thor

Dragonwar Thor


Build of Dragonwar Thor
The mouse is huge and shaped as any performance mouse, you could imagine. That shape really adds a perfect grip to my hand,even if you are lefty that’s not an issue you are not ignored. It specifically had 7 buttons on the mouse left click, right click, scroll button, webpage forward, webpage backward, DPI chooser and trigger button. I will talk more of it in buttons part of these buttons. If you never used gaming mouse like me, I could say once you use these mouse you will never feel like reverting back to normal mouse. The mouse was of hard plastic really hard and heavy to normal mice, as a gaming mouse its perfect to the weight. The color combination is perfectly matched to the gamer style. The long wire so that you will never feel its short. The end side of write had an high speed USB which had the USB shape always iconic to the dragonwar. Even when you plug in the actual beauty pops out that makes an actual reason for anyone to buy it. Overall I was really impressed with this type of gaming mouse.

Buttons and software

When it all come on the buttons side I did mentioned there are total of 7 buttons on the mouse. Left Click, Right Click, Scroll, DPI setting button, Trigger button(green) , IE back and IE front. Well all the other buttons are same as we seen on the Dragonwar GKM-001 Combo review except the trigger button is truly added for action lower or FPS dedicated gamer. For E.G. you are using pistol then you need to keep tapping the left click in order the bullet gets fired from the gun, with the trigger button you don’t need to do that. Just press it off and then it will do the rest things for you. If you really talk about the software part when you install the drivers from CD, you could get the profile to set for the mouse according to the person or according to the game. The bad point was the drivers weren’t made available over the web on the dragonwar official website.


I really think if there is a gaming mouse to buy its the best mouse you could buy. Its really dedicated for the gamer and hardcore users of desktop. The perfect griping could help even the designers work with charm with this mouse.



Dragonwar Thor








Value For money



  • Amazing Grip
  • Trigger Button is really unique of all Gaming Mice
  • Best Value for Money