eBay India Sucessfully Concludes The First Facebook Live Gaming Event “Dhanbola”

Ebay India Diwali Dhanbola Party with Zakir Khan

eBay India, Celebrates it’s Diwali by hosting a Gaming event Live on Facebook for the first time. The game was named “Dhanbola”. The rules were pretty simple users need to register for the event. It was a Howze type game. The game was hosted by the India’s Best startup Comedian, Zakir Khan. The game was started on Oct 25th, 2016 at 4 Pm by Zakir Khan on eBay India Facebook page.

Ebay India Diwali Dhanbola Party with Zakir Khan

According to the Event, Over 5.6 million users register for the event and won prizes such as MacBook Pro, iPhone 7 and a Philips Bluetooth speaker. The event was hosted rightly from the eBay India Mumbai Office.

Dhanbola was also an opportunity for eBay India to reinforce its TVC campaign #ThingsDontJudge, as Zakir Khan hosted his Diwali party on the FB page of eBay India.

Commenting on this initiative, Ms Shivani Suri, Director Marketing, eBay India said “Our recently launched TVC campaign #ThingsDontJudge struck a chord with consumers from different walks of life. Dhanbola was yet another industry first from eBay India to not only deepen our engagement with consumers on a platform which is preferred by them but also to celebrate the spirit of the upcoming festivities. We engaged with over 1.2 lakh consumers through this online initiative.”

Ebay India Diwali Dhanbola Party with Zakir Khan

Apart from the contest the Ebay consumers who were live also got a chance to interact with Zakir Khan. Consumers also challenged the host to a ‘Truth or Dare’ game.

Our Interaction with the Director Marketing of eBay India

We also got a chance to Interact with Ms Shivani Suri, Thanks to the PR team. Also, we asked few questions to them.

  1. eBay has to face Lot of competitors in Indian Market currently, So how they team up with it?
    Ans. The eBay had been in Market for last 11 Years in India. The way we are competing with the strength of our selection, We have about ten crore products on our site. No other competitor has that kind of selection on the site. The range that we offer that’s an essential thing to be in the market which also wins a market share.
  2. What about Cash On Delivery option, not every seller offers that option. Will you be making it a compulsion or something like that?
    Ans. We are an open marketplace. The definition of an open market is the enabling platform for buyers and sellers. So the seller has the choice what they want to offer, and the customer chooses what they want to buy. Regarding cash on delivery, it’s available on most of our products.
  3. What about the negative type of the sellers, Because of the name eBay get’s spoiled. So how you ban such type of retailers.
    Ans. So the way the platform is the technology platform itself goes through machine learning and we have adamant, stringent, trust and safety policy. So because of it, There is a particular seller who has the certain percentage of bad transactions. It could be because of Not delivering the product on time or Product is not according to customer expectation. Based on that feedback or if they raise a claim which is collected. We have that history and automatically those bad sellers are removed out of the system. They are no longer able to sell on our platform. They have a particular benchmark.
    So it’s a good part because eBay has about 70,000 sellers.
  4. What about an Android and iOS App experience, We have seen iOS app is always much better even same with an iPad interface as well. Anything on that?
    Ans. Most of the buyers are Android users; We keep doing users test. Experience on both is mapped every time. It’s not one is better than other, It’s what’s the device has to offer and even the eco-system. Specifically for India, we worked much Android side as well.
  5. Will any sale be going on future specifically for Diwali? Competition to the competitors deal?
    Ans. There’s already sale going on from 15th Sept until the end of this month. Continuously offers are going on varying in the ten crores products.
  6. What’s the reachability of the eBay? Supposes a person a buys a product in the rural area will eBay be currently able to deliver the product ?
    Ans. The limitation is around the pin code coverage, but we have a tie-up with India post. India post has the highest coverage in India. By default, wherever is the delivery it can offer. This is something the exo-system has continuously push for the large base to cover-up. It also depends on penetration of the Internet with 3G/4G as same as telephonic coverage. All of this macro economic numbers you will definately see in future.


eBay has put into a lot. It has much variety of eco-system with ten crores product from 70,000 sellers. That puts into almost 1,458.5 products per seller. With its Dhandhola content, many users came to play the game itself and win. Also, it was hosted by Zakir Khan made it much special. We really wish eBay a good luck and also they should host much contest like this which could make them a better reach each time.

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