Epson EH-TW5300 Review- The Best Home Projector

Epson EH-TW5300

Projector a word, whenever come to mind only, comes presentations and business/corporate world users, and this the only where the projectors are seen and used. I seriously never thought to be the projector that too for a home should be a serious thing. That is almost all the conception I had until the Epson EH-TW5300 Came to me for review. To be frank, I had used earlier some projectors which are utterly clunky and not so experience I had into. Also with 3D projectors, I had the worst experience. So Let’s get started.

Epson EH-TW5300

Epson EH-TW5300

Build of EH-TW5300

It is a complete decent unboxing experience for me. The inbox content includes Projector itself, 3D glasses, and User manual with other documentation. That’s all present inside the box. I think if they are specifically targeting home user then Epson should have included one, or the other video cable may be like HDMI or DVI cable. So make sure they that first.

Over to looks of the projector is precisely a rectangular box with huge curves over the edges which aren’t slippery, you could lift or place it quickly. The other part over is a thick plastic of high quality felt premium over the Projector. The top had all the adjustment buttons like menu button, tilt screen button, increase, decrease, Lens Focus roller with the Lens slide cover. The buttons were much better, and tactile doesn’t felt like cheap or may get damage something like that. The rear part had many ways to connect let it be HDMI or Display or DVI all sorts of ports were there which helped a lot.

The projector came with a single 3D glass which is a polarised lens, and it does require charging, It had a microUSB port to charge. The Epson didn’t bundle any USB cable with it. The quality of the glasses is splendid and had a connect button to it which I will talk about it in the performance section.

Performance and Projection of Epson EH-TW5300

This is the most important part, and most used part of any projector is its projection. Well, this projector would not disappoint you in any situation. I did connect my HP ProBook Z30 laptop and Projected it a too wall. When I compared the screen to the LCD of my ProBook! My Probook Totally felt washed out in front of the projection. The Projector does give out much vivid and best-saturated colours than even any of the LCD. It is almost much vivid as I have seen on IPS display. It is close to IPS displays I would say and view content such as movies, photos the experience would be entirely different than even your thoughts. All you need is some good home theatre to be connected so to complete home theatre experience. ( Don’t forget popcorn too.)

That is all the things in Projector about 2D, what about 3D right as it’s known to be a 3D projector.  The projector is bundled with 3D glasses which pairs via Bluetooth, as it says. When I pressed the connect button within 4 sec the 3D glasses got paired with the Projector itself. That is the fastest pairing for any Bluetooth device, it must be specifically done with its Ad-hoc Bluetooth network which detects it is far more quickly than the average.  The settings menu had a dedicated 3D menu for it which converted any running content into 3D. The conversion is good but since it is converted it isn’t thick as you might expect. It has developed much as from the earlier I would say but still, isn’t the best. The 3D part does blurs out the regular text on a desktop which is only visible via pairs of glasses. Again you want to watch 3D movie with the family you’ve got to get some extra 3D glasses. Still, you don’t have much 3D content. You can enjoy 1080p or 4K movies or TV series via NetFlix or Youtube. 3D content is still lacking as its only seen in the multiplex are the best ones, though.

Overall to the projection quality I am giving it a total thumbs up and 3D it’s not going to be much-used compare to the 2D part for the Home especially due to lack of the possible content for the same.



The Epson EH-TW5300 is the best projector to buy under 75,000 Rs. It’s the only one which will provide the best projection quality and slight convincing 3D too. This definitely would take home entertainment to completely next level of enjoyment. Also, the families would spend much quality time together at home than going in traffic for the theatre.




Epson EH-TW5300






Value for money



  • Brilliant Projection
  • 3d Glasses connects in 4 sec
  • Doesn't heat much


  • 3D content is lacking