Everything you need to know about Google I/O 2017

Google I/O 2016

Google I/O keynote just ended yet the few dedicated sessions for the developers are running. The main update of the Google product is always been headed first each year started by Sundar Pichai. The main Aim of upcoming Android or all the Google products is always been innovative. Each year there isn’t we could guess what new could come for the Android. The Main Smartphone operating system which possibly no one thought 10 years back would reach such a great level. That’s all the Hard work of the Google Engineers. It’s also the benchmark for the upcoming android devices and not just smartphone as each Google I/O proceeds.

Google I/O 2016

Android devices stats

As i mentioned each year Sundar Pichai starts the session and run though the amazing numbers which are outstanding. Starting with the user base of Google services like Android , YouTube, gmail stuffs like that which has clocked total 1 Billions users. I guess everyone seen that coming.

Google I/O 2016

Taking specific to the service like the Google Drive now has more than 800 millions  users compare to 2013 was just 100 million users. That’s an amazing growth just in 4 years.

Google I/O 2016 Google Drive

Google photos, an amazing app which let users backup unlimited photos now has more than 500 millions users. Never thought it will be app which I use daily.  If you ain’t using it to backup then you should.

Google I/O 2017 Google photos 500 million users

Last was the Android which clocked 2 Billion active users. Also Sundar mentioned that India has more number of Android users than that to United states. There lots of growth in Indian markets specifically in smartphone.

Google I/O 2017 Android 2 Billion users

Artificial Intelligence with Google

Earlier it was the Era of the Mobile first, so whichever thing is on desktop was specifically made to mobile. Now its AI first. As we need our devices to be more smarter.  That was the specific scenario which was mentioned in the stage of Google I/O. For example now gmail app to have smart reply which was the in messaging app Google Allo. So suppose someone ask you for Golf on Saturday. It will show quick reply like I’m down for either or Let’s do Saturday or I’m okay with any day. Looks cool at first sight for some informal replys.

Gmail Prediction and AI

The Google now, we are much familiar to it. Also Google worked a lot on AI to make just Google now better. Indeed most Android phones comes with it. So a graph showed the error rate of speech recognition in July 2016 was 8.5 percent now currently its lowered to 4.9 in just months because of AI and machine learning.

Google lens

Images has lot to do with Artificial Intelligence also you could achieve much more things where manual process could take days of task. I remember google introduced Google goggles to understand the what’s the text on the image or to find the information of the thing in the image. Google lens is much better and advance approach. More importantly it looks to be interested in the Google assistant itself. So for example you take a image of the kid behind the fence. Google lens with automatically remove the fence in the image for you. Yeah indeed it is difficult task for the normal person. Even in photoshop its long our task. Google lens with its AI did the task kuch easier than the thoughts.

Before Google Lens at Google I/O 2017

After Google Lens processing at Google I/O 2017

It can do much more than that. Suppose you point it out on the flower the suggestion will automatically show the name of the flower.

Detecting Flowers in Google Assistant

What much more then just point to user name and password sticker on the router. The Google will do the rest things to get you connected to the router.

Detecting Text and connecting to WiFi on Google Assistant

Even if you point to the movie theater showing name and timing , it will show up to add remainder. Cool stuff happening in Google I/O all you need is to point the camera. Point it at the restaurant it will show the restaurant ratings and name exactly what you might search on Google.


I just talked a glimpse about the Google Artificial Assistant but it was just the glimpse the google mentioned. Google.ai is pushing a better approach to the Artificial Intelligence by the google. Google will actually help you to build your own Artificial Intelligence system. It isn’t easy as setting up the desktop computer or server. Google showcased a Cloud TPU(Tensor Processing Unit), A better, faster machine learning which will be available for everyone. The cloud TPU can deliver upto 180 teraflops of machine learning. It has a capability to mix match the performance of the Intel Skylake CPUs and Nvidia GPUs. Combing multiple cloud TPU could definitely process large amount of the data much faster as well as efficient compare to all. Cloud TPU are easy to program via TensorFlow, the most popular open source machine learning framework. Visit google.ai to know more about the cloud TPU.

Cloud TPU

Google Assistant

Google assistant is the main stream which we seen in 2016 specifically for the google pixel. It was earlier later it was pushed to all the Android 7.0 devices. Indeed it was google now which was made much better and more important as Siri and Cortana. The first foremost thing and most important thing added to the Assistant was the ability to type via keyboard and interact. Though this was already there in Siri and Cortana but adding it to google assistant makes it much useful, specially in noisy environment or in public where you don’t want to sound weird talking to phone.

Google Assistant

  •  Conversational

Making it much of conversation to the AI. This is the motive since Google introduction of assistant. Still now they have make it better with Google lens as it detects the object. We don’t know how perfect it is but would definitely love to test it out. As being conversation mean to do things like buying right from the conversation without Downloading the app or having details, the assistant does it all for us.

Now type to Intereact with Google Assistant

  • Always Available

It’s indeed, if you are making an amazing assistant and restricting it to smartphone or single device could be a disadvantage. Google assistant now will be also available for iOS devices as well. To add up more google released the Assistant SDK. So we will see more new devices other than smartphone and wifi or google home to be much specific. It has ability to power everything. So almost all your euipment in future are gonna be IOT devices. Google didn’t talked about it but has to push the IOT which they talked earlier.

Google I/O 2016

  • Ready to Help or Actions on Google

As i mentioned on the conversation part its the extension part to the same. Suppose you want to order a pizza from Panera. You say to assistant to order pizza from Panera. The UI changes slightly and Panera assistant guides you by asking the location. You don’t need to enter any location details, it just give the choice of the location to deliver the pizza. Then you go through the menu after you have selected the location and when you checkout it shows total bill and you have to do payment by touching the fingerprint. Here you don’t need to order Panera app to get the food deliver to you. You don’t need to fill any location and payment details and the things are carried and helped by google.

Google I/O 2016

Google I/O 2016

Update in Google home and photos.

Google home is been a popular device for a long in united states. It never made out in India. Now the Google home gets hands free calling support. More importantly no extra setup required. Also you can call to any number for free. It will definitely have your personal number to the person whom you are calling understand that its you. No one has to do anything other setup to get calls from google home.

Google I/O 2016

I mentioned the stats the Google photos now has about 500M+ users and 1.2 Billions photos are uploaded daily. So now it has suggested sharing. So suppose you had a trip. It will automatically suggest you to share the photos with the person whom you were on the trip. Just with the one click. The other person can his or her own photos clicked on that trip and make the album much better. You can even share a particular person photo as always. Suppose you are the dad and always you want to share the photos which has you and your kids with wife. So it can even do that to you automatically. So you don’t need to depend on particular photos on particular phone. Also never worry about the sharing.

Google I/O 2016

Google I/O 2016

For Google TV there’s a revamp UI. Also they have partnered with Spotify , SoundCloud , Deezer and many more for music. Also Hulu, HBO now, netflix and many more for videos.

Google I/O 2016

Google I/O 2016


Android O

Yes, they didn’t named the Android O version and possibly they never do it Google I/O. More importantly more people come to or watch it online only for the new version of Android and rest things later.  The Keynote was divided in 2 parts mainly 1. Fluid experience and 2. Vitals.

Google I/O 2016

  • Fluid experience

The one thing pixel made it stand out was because of its amazing fluidity of android experience. I never thought an Android device can be this fast. That’s the motive they thought why not push it in all. The iOS fluidity is totally unique to what android and android OEM delivers to the customer.

  • Vitals

Google I/O 2016

As per body needs a perfect vitals to stay healthy this is the same case with the Android O release this time. It helps to launch app much faster than the earlier release of it. More over the boot time for the Android is cut down to half as demonstrated on the Pixel device though. Also necessary app enhancement to give you the most best battery life. That what Android O delivers claims Google.

Google I/O 2016

Google I/O 2016

  • Android Studio

Yeah with the O release the Android Studio always brings a lot to the developers. This time they added a whole new programming language named KOTLIN which developer appreciated as it’s much better to everything.

Google I/O 2016

  • Android GO

Earlier Google Introduced Youtube GO a special app to download Youtube videos at slower internet. More over to that you could share the videos. The app was small enough under 10 mb that anyone would use. I really hated google when they stopped Android one program but in the Google I/O 2017 the faith on the google revealed. The Android Go will be the latest O release of Android well optimized and smooth for the old phones or phones with 512 MB ram and with less internal space. There will be special app recommendation for the GO Users on the Playstore. It will only feature special apps below 10 MB like the Facebook Lite, Skype Lite etc.

Google I/O 2016

  • Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

The last thing which google talked about in it’s Google I/O is the virtual reality and Augmented reality. The Google has teamed up with HTC (the one who made Vive) to make day dream VR which will have no cables, no phones, no PC only a complete VR system for the immersive experience of the Virtual Reality. The Google pushed it’s limit towards Virtual reality with the Cardboard VR and things now have much better experience. I haven’t tasted the Google Daydream yet but will love to experience the new Era of the Virtual reality.

Google I/O 2016

Google Tango project was the one which always is been dedicated to Augmentation reality. Yes this year we will see special Google Tango phone from Asus.



Google I/O as always is been packed full of excitement yet I didn’t found it much last year. This year it is brilliant steps by google. I love to see special steps for the developing countries like India. The Android Go was totally brilliant announcement. Yet improved AI, VR , AR will be definitely my choice too seek.I wish the O release to available for much device and not as nougat. Let’s see how Manufacturers take the Android O and Google Assistant Announcement. The 2017 will be full packed of amazing device and the Naming of the O release and Google Pixel 2 are the next thing to seek from Google.

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