Everything You Need to Know About What’s Smart in Mahindra Blazo Smart Truck ?

Ever heard the Mahindra Blazo ad of Ajay Devgan, Which talks about the Guaranteed fuel efficiency with Fuel Smart Technology Than your existing truck and If it’s not you can return the truck. If you haven’t watched the ad then have a look before we proceed.

So that’s what a Mahindra Blazo Smart truck, which has fuel smart technology at the same time it guarantees better fuel efficiency than existing trucks in India. Even that questioned me what’s exactly happening ? and how are they well committed toward ? Even in India Mahindra is the 1st truck with Fuel guarantee , 1st one with fuel smart technology with its pioneering multi-mode switches and also they offer service guarantee i.e if the truck isn’t been repaired on roadside within 2 days they pay 1000rs for each day. So to understand all these I got an invite to visit in Mahindra Factory itself to understand the making of the Mahindra Blazo and understand the smart fuel technology. I especially thank blogadda for Inviting for this event. I’m blogging about my exclusive experience at the Mahindra Blazo Smart Truck manufacturing unit with BlogAdda

What Makes Mahindra Blazo a Smart truck ?


Mahindra Blazo Smart Truck

So there are mainly 3 components which make it a smart truck

  • CRDe (Common rail direct injection engine) and mPower Fuel Smart Engine
  • Smart Switches ( Control Torque)
  • DIS (Driver Information System)

These are bit complex terms but I will definitely make it simpler for you to understand. so starting from CRDe which is the engine controlled electronically and the CRDe is been controlled electronically with a control unit called ECU (electronic control unit). This ECU is the main brain behind this ECU which collects all the information through various sensors and gets complete engine information. So accordingly the actuator proceeds. There are various sensors like Engine Speed sensor, Rail Pressure sensor, Coolant temperature sensor, Accelerator Pedal sensor. All these sensors send data to ECU and according the CRDe works with the data. ECU also controls electronic injectors, these are the fuel injectors for the pistons.


So the next part of the Engine is the mPower Fuel Smart Engine, the main focus and point which company claims are because of this part of the engine. The mPower Fuel smart engine helps to lower the engine noise, lowers pollution and lowers the vibration as well. So all these mainly results in higher mileage.

Smart Switches, so the truck has to handle the different amount of load, sometimes no load and again there are different road conditions . With respect to all these Mahindra made 3 switches namely light , heavy and turbo mode for the trucks.  The main objective of these smart switches is to increase and lower the torque. So according to the condition you get the flexibility to choose the button. So starting with the first mode light mode, It is recommended to use when the load is not present or trailer is empty  or less load or condition which requires less torque. This results in less fuel consumption and more saving are been achieved. Next is the Heavy mode, which is recommended to use when the truck is with rated load or more load. It’s more useful in slope like roads where torque is required and that saves time. Lastly is the Turbo mode which is recommended when the truck is on ghat with the load. Rather than going with the lower gear you can use turbo mode which saves time and can cover complex ghat road easily and save time. If you use turbo mode for more than 30 min 3 times buzzer will beep that is it will remind you to change mode.You don’t need to stop the truck to change the mode, you can do it on the go. And suppose battery is been changed and replaced with other then it will work with heavy mode by default.

The video shown below will actually clear all your doubts regarding the smart technology in Mahindra blazo smart truck.

So for some Mahindra Blazo models, it has only 2 modes that are heavy and lite like the Blazo 25 Tipper, Blazo 37 , Blazo 35 while 3 modes are in blazo 25, blazo 31 and Mahindra blazo 40 and 49.

The third thing which makes the truck smarter is the DIS (Driver Information System) It was the huge display and lights including the RPM, speedometer, fuel gauge and temperature meter. There are many leds which show different notations. The LCD display mainly shows Air pressure, Trip Kilometer, Per KM fuel consumption, Average Speed, Battery Voltage, Service remainder.

How is Mahindra Blazo Manufactured ?

So we gotta chance to visit the factory itself which is in Chakkan, Maharastra 1 hour from Pune approximately. Mahindra Manufacture almost 30 vehicles per hour That’s 720 Vehicles per day 22,000 in month approx and 2.50 lac units in a year. So the Manufacturing process is been divided in 3 part first is Press shop , body shop , paint shop and fitting and assembly.


Mahindra Blazo Smart Truck Factory First phase Press shop

Starting to the press shop that is where is starts for all cars and trucks that Mahindra manufactures. You can see it in the video how huge the press shop is in the middle you see Scuhlers press machine. The Press shop work is divided into 3 processes. First, the thin metal sheet is been placed between the Dye and Press line. Dye and press line are the molds something like outer part of the door of Mahindra blazo has different dye and press line combination while for the inner part it’s different. So in the First process when the thin metal sheet is been placed between the dye and press line the and its applied with 2400 tons of force then the sheet is passed through the 2nd process between the dye and press line and 1000 Ton of force is applied similarly is for the 3rd process. The 2nd and 3rd process make the mold more perfect and finished mold. The first process remains important. These dyes and press line need to be changed for different production and they also need to polished time to time. The outcome of the press shop isn’t strong,they are made strong by treatment. This treatment is important so that obtained product doesn’t get corroded and damaged before the body shop. This shop is common for all trucks and consumer vehicles

Body shop, here things get differentiated according to the truck or a consumer vehicle. Here the outcome of the press shop is been Welded and  finished product is been maintained. So it starts with cabin shop, for example, there’s the door of the truck (outer and inner part) both these are combined with spot welding (yellow robot in the video) and edges go with the different process of enveloping ( the orange robot is for enveloping).


Body shop after welding and enveloping in Mahindra Blazo Smart Truck factory

The outcomes of the body shop are been processed to paint shop Where hardly staff is allowed to enter. So even we were not. But there the outcome is completely washed first by dipping inside detergent and washing material which removes all the dirt. After washing the first part of the paint primer is been applied which is done with electro decomposition so that each corner is filled. The cabin has negative charge and solution has a positive charge, so the primer gets deposited to the cabin. the further process proceeds with spray paint. After painting all the assembly of the truck parts is been carried out.


Driving Experience of the Mahindra Blazo


So we didn’t get a chance to drive the truck but we got a small drive around inside the company. So when we sat inside the truck it was more comfortable, I don’t think this comfort truck exist in India. When the truck started in the whole round I noticed it creates less noise and truck cabin is well insulated so exterior noise that makes it completely a car like an experience. Even after there wasn’t AC (As AC is optional) still there was less noise.  I asked the driver what’s different in driving this truck, he said the clutch is lighter and while driving the truck is smoother.


What More Does Mahindra Offers ?

So You get a great support system, so if you get a problem detected on DIS you can call the toll free number and they will help you out in fixing the truck issue. It’s called Mahindra Now service.Mahindra-Blazo-Smart-truck-12

Next thing is if the truck gets a breakdown on the road anywhere in India, report it to Mahindra. They will come to the place and fix the truck within 48 hours and if they fail to fix the truck then for the each day they will pay 1000rs to the driver for the same.




I really didn’t know much about the trucks but after this visit I came to know a lot about the truck drivers, they are simply brilliant. And Mahindra Blazo Smart Truck will definitely take it to next level. This will definitely change the transport system. Mahindra Blazo Truck not only is best a transport but also amazing with after sales and breakdown commitment