How to find the best mobile phone from today onwards

How to find best smartphone

So smartphones and mobiles industry has expanded a lot and almost has more 1 billion smartphones shipped each quarter worldwide. We are at the time where using the same smartphone for 2 years I big deal, as of evolving technology smartphone gets outdated with 6 months or a year.

How to find best smartphone

How to find the best smartphone

It’s totally difficult for a normal person to keep updated about upcoming mobile and always there is a new company which enters each country market and gains sale which sometimes soon people aren’t aware off.

So you go check reviews, reviews from all possible site, ready it or watch it on youtube and also sometimes gets a suggestion from friends or the person using the phone and sometimes still can’t decide which is the best one to buy.

I would say to buy the best smartphone for yourself definitely depends on you. It’s because you have a diversity in using the smartphone compared to all others out theirs. Diversity in a sense you can a be a hardcore gamer on a smartphone, you can also be the person who uses lots of social media apps or maybe there’s general use of calls, emails and browsing or even You are a smartphone photographer who only uses its smartphone camera the most for photos and videos.


1st Decide a budget for mobile

Almost everyone does this thing right, but not exactly. I would say if you define a particular budget then check for all possible smartphones in that budget using various E-Commerce sites. I am mentioning various E-commerce site because some smartphones are sometimes E-Commerce exclusive. Try sorting which seems to be good mobile/ smartphone for you.

Sort the smartphone according to your use, because sometimes you might just need good RAM and Processor for gaming, While in another case Good battery life if you do lots of calling texting or lot watch of Videos or even just a good camera you deal the most of it.

2nd Software experience and updates

This is the thing which you might forget to check out, It’s not about getting the best hardware, it’s also about the best software experience. I mean to take a look at iPhone it doesn’t have the highest hardware, highest ram, still it sometimes competes or tuff time to Android Flagships. I won’t say Android’s are worst. I just mean to say both Android and iOS good at their own places, they ain’t comparable to each other. We would have endless fights with it. Stock Android is one the best you could buy because again it’s easy to push fast possible updates. Smartphones like Nexus line-up, Moto does have stock android and they are the always the first to get the latest update.

3rd Is it buying necessary a scratch guard ? / Is scratch guard required for mobile ?

This is one of the key things, I would say again if you are rough user drops almost your smartphone once a day then definitely, but you have the option to go for Galaxy S7 active or Moto X Force which has almost shatter proof screen. Again if you hardly drop you won’t require. I am personally using Moto G 1st gen as the secondary phone, I bought it when it was launched today Moto G 4th gen has launched, Right from the first day I didn’t apply scratch guard and dropped it times still the screen is great with no scratch and scuffs.


Cases Vs Skins

Again one of where People do buy is Cases. Whether it be the bumper or whole cover or rigid case and much more. Even battery cases are available, I would say it definitely adds a bump to the phone, ultimately it becomes tuff to fit your mobile or smartphone inside the pocket. I do only love the bumper case but I am the one who loves to use the phone naked, for such cases there exists skins from various brands. Use skin to customize your phone better way and you could use your phone in a naked way. Case or Skin is totally your prospectus.

If you found a phone which suits totally perfect to you but doesn’t have the best battery life buy some power banks, it will help you a lot.



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