FINGERS Go-duet TWS pods Review – A budget and comfortable TWS

Fingers Go-Duet

FINGERS is India’s most innovative digital accessories brand with a range of 50+ avant-garde products with six being first in India and 3 of them being world’s first. With a product portfolio entailing a range of high-octane and stylish consumer electronics. We did receive the FINGERS Go-duet TWS pods for review and here’s our complete take about the product. We did mention the news section that FINGERS launches Go-Duet TWS.

Fingers Go-Duet
Fingers Go-Duet

In-Box content

  • Finger TWS itself
  • Charging and carrying case
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Paperwork for quick start and warranty information


When I unboxed it, and I must say the earbuds where small and the case was oval with the semi-transparent top lid. The top cover has a prominent bold FINGERS branding and logo. So let’s talk one by one beginning from the earbuds.

The earbuds were small and a perfect fit for most of the ears. The ear tip had a thin plastic film like the tip, which I thought could have been better, but when I plugged in, they were right. The complete structure was plastic build, light in weight and I think if it could have been little tighter, then I would have got a firm grip. The grip depends on use and environment which you be within daily. So I commute every day with non-ac bus transport daily for 2 hours, which creates sweat enough. So my particular review is with such surrounding. The earbuds were so light that I can easily forget there is something in my ear. The earbuds also get the IPX5 rating so for gym work0-out we can consider it. So A pick from a build point of view for FINGERS Go-duet TWS pods.


Let’s talk about the case and charging factor of FINGERS Go-duet TWS pods. So the was perfectly portable enough to carry in the regular jeans or trouser pocket. So I did mention about the semi-transparent lid with the bold fingers logo at the top. The rear bottom had a charging Micro-USB Port when you open up the cover which had a placement of 2 ear-tips which had magnets for the right placement. In between the two ear tip was the charging percentage digital indicator, which is fantastic to my surprise. I mean no other headphone manufacture has this till today. So that stands out the rest TWS. So case also gets a pick from over end considering the price.

Sound and connectivity of FINGERS Go-duet TWS pods

So let’s come to the most unique and essential aspect of the review. So the build and comfort is complete pick and turns to test the sound and connectivity. So it does come with the Bluetooth 4.1 support. So it was the standard Bluetooth connection and when you connect it showcases the battery on your phone. The range on the open area is pretty normal unlike to the Bluetooth headset which retails equally for the same price — no complaints in the range department.

The sound signature of the device is a little different. In terms of clarity and treble, I have thought it performed exceptionally well. In terms of lows, I found it could have done better. The Bass somehow was profound as it due to the fantastic clarity at the single drivers it offered. Mid and highs were crisp and distinguishable in the FINGERS Go-Duet TWS.

Battery life

Fingers Go-Duet

The headphones do with the 4.5-5 hours of battery life as it depends upon the volume levels. The charging case is claimed to give five times full charge making it a total of 30 hours. So I roughly got up to 28-29 hours, Yet I was not able to completely discharge the headphones during my review period. It turns out the company claimed was on point to its numbers.


The headphones are priced at Rs 4000 and I think considering the digital charging indicator, comfortable ear tips and good clear sound makes it a pick. Yet it will fit for the vocals sound and most of will appreciate it at that particular department for sure. I will love to see in the future upgrade a type C inclusion since in 2019 even the budget phones are getting type C port. So a single cable to chjarge the all of it. You can know more about the brand on the FINGERS website and Know more about the FINGERS Go-duet TWS pods here.