FirstHandle App Review

FirstHandle App

-Do you Still Love shopping offline or nearby ?
The online E-commerce market is gaining a lot these days in metro cities and small town reach. It has its own advantage and its own disadvantage. The E-commerce is seen definitely fall in market share for offline commerce and some making it shutdown. This is the upcomming scenario, still after the boom of E-commerce, 97% of product sales are offline in India, its just because not everywhere there’s the reach of E-commerce. To Understand these metrics there comes an App called FirstHandle.


FirstHandle App

FirstHandle App

What’s The FirstHandle App About ?

So at start when you login in firsthandle Application you get a login via Google+ or Facebook account, Then the account is setup according to GPS and you get a wonderful looking User Interface as shown in screenshot.


FirstHandle App

FirstHandle App

The App shows offers of the nearby shop around to or close to your home. You can visit and get the best deal mainlyget notified. Suppose you are in a Mall and each shop has some offers, the only way to get know the offer is to visit each shop with the help of FirstHandle you will get all things in app itself and you can browse it category wise. I would say its an innovative step for people who go around those malls or local street shops for shopping.

How is it benefited to Shop keepers ?

So if you are a business owner who is still offline, also want to attract more customer and keep existing customers update about the offer FirstHandle does it. You can create account in firsthandle in its official website sell with us section, Then you gotta map and start pushing offers to your customer. You gotta pay for geographical push notifications that is if the user is nearby your shop gets push notification about your shop offers that’s a paid section which can benefit you even better. You can login here and find more information about it.

So How is  the App Is exactly in real life use ?

This App and its offer totally depend on the city or the area you reside on, So for me there were few offers of few shops which are definitely grow in future. So if you  are in delhi you gotta get to see lot more offers and I definitely want to see it in complete India so as this App is benefited for all shops and keep online and offline shopping world totally neutral.



Overall its a nice concept which FirstHandle is promoting and we wish to see lot more in upcoming years which is definitely benefits the offline shopkeepers and we get to  see more in app. Lots of usage of app does drain the battery as it keep using the GPS that what I experience so keep your usage of app proper and I think something low power GPS to be used in App. I tested this App in Moto G 1st generation here’s the screenshot below of its battery draining


Its definite the app doing so well it will drain battery as GPS plays important role in sending push notifications time to time so it isn’t a major issue to be seen.