[Fixed✅] how to fix ” Cannot Verify Server identity ” Error in iOS 10 and above / iPhone 7

Date and Time settings in iOS 8

I recently updated to iOS 10 on my iPad air and When I was browsing after the update “Cannot verify the server identity” error occurred. I was shocked I was unable to browse google.com, not even gmail and not even YouTube. I thought the error would not happen in YouTube, but unfortunately, it keeps on loading. Same happened with Google + it kept on loading.

“Cannot verify the server identity” has three buttons Cancel, Details, Continue. I tried to press each of these still the issue didn’t solve


  • Can’t browse all the websites as certificate becomes outdated
  • can’t use website related apps
  • same server identity error appears in email as well.

there could be more issues that could be faced in your iOS device

If Your iPad get’s frozen with the Error of the server identity. Just restart it and don’t open any app after the restart  other than the settings app as I have mentioned in the solution below.


  1. I tried to do some research and found as per some users reported,  turning off the Wi-Fi and again Starting the Wi-Fi sometimes solve the issue. So go in Settings => Wifi => off it and Again On it after few seconds.

    Wifi settings in iOS 8

    Wifi settings in iOS 8

  2. Actually,  that didn’t solve the issue for me. When I noticed my calendar the date which was selected was wrong. So go to Settings => General => Date & Time Just turn on Set Automatically or if it’s already on then set the date and time manually in iOS.
    Date and Time settings in iOS 8

    Date and Time settings in iOS 8

    Hope it solves your issue. Any other issue in iOS or Android or Windows or Desktop does let me know I will post you the exact solution. You could even mail me at contact@absolutegizmos.com We will reply you in 24 hours.

  3.  There’s also one more way which works is go into  settings>General>reset>reset all settings.  Resetting has worked for some users.

It happens in the case of email is all because of the time of the phone and server doesn’t match as per the Time zone.

“Cannot Identify Server Identity” Error in iTunes

The same issue happened with me with the latest version of the iTunes.

So That time the date the system has set default was wrong it was 2003. I came to know that the CMOS cell in the windows desktop was been damaged so each time I have to set the date.

The best way out was to replace it with a new one.

If you don’t know what’s a CMOS cell in the desktop motherboard, So it is a cell/battery which stores mainly your date and time so each time or after 2-3 days you start your system it has the right time on it. It’s all because of the CMOS cell. In smartphones, it’s been retrieved online. So hope it solves your issue.

Things could be similar in MAC OS operating system. So if your MAC has “Server Identity” issue let me know. I will help you personally.

Do let me know in the comment section if it helps you out.