[FIXED]How to fix “Slide to Upgrade” Stuck iOS 9 ( Find my iPhone turned ON ) iPhone 4S/5/5S/6/6 plus or iPAD

Slide to upgrade stuck iPhone iOS 9

Well Apple did pushed the update for iOS 9 which is small in size and takes less space and has lots of innovative features with respect to the iOS users. The most users mainly are facing slide to upgrade issue when they update the iOS via Wi-Fi on iPhone.


If you still haven’t updated to iOS 9 request you guys to back-up the phone and update via iTunes on PC or Mac to best Possibly avoid this error on you iPhone/ iPod. Even when you get error message “Software Update fail“.


I will tell you the best way when you get stuck at the screen of “Slide to Upgrade“.

Slide to upgrade stuck iPhone iOS 9

Slide to upgrade stuck iPhone iOS 9

  1. First of all when the iPhone is stuck. Press and hold the Power Button and Home button together , After when the screen goes black after 2-3sec Release power button and hold the Home button. (You gotta try this couple of times sometimes till the iPhone/iPad/iPod goes gets detected in restore mode.)
  2. Connect the iPhone to PC/MAC make sure it gets detected in restore mode. You gotta try step one again and again.
  3. Simply Click on the restore button let the IPSW for iOS 9 get download and restore your iPhone.
  4. If it shows error 5 or 7 or 3194 or some other error make sure 2 things before the update you should have latest version of iTunes or above. second thing navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and edit the host file search for “ gs.apple.com” entry and make it like this “# gs.apple.com”.
  5. Then try to restore the iPhone to iOS 9 (If it gets stuck on preparing simply disconnect the USB and try using different or same USB port).
  6. After the restore is completed, Hello Screen will appear just make a NOTE: Don’t Login in to iCloud and don’t restore from iCloud backup (you can do it later if it asks for Apple ID do login but don’t enable iCloud backup or don’t restore from iCloud Backup even avoid location services enabling and siri).
  7. Then you will definitely get the home screen. Once you get the home screen do setup the iCloud , siri and location services.


IF You did a backup on you PC/MAC before updating to iOS 9 request you guys directly connect the iPhone without going into restore mode and restore your iphone with exisiting backup. Do let me know in the comment section if it works.

Next Time try keeping the Backup and update the iPhone/iPad/iPod via iTunes. It may be long procedure but atleast it will be safe to your precious device.