Flock Best Chat App for Work and Business

They’re computers which are way productive in much more cases. The business apps like Google Apps or Zoho helps a lot. When it comes to a smartphone, it makes it not as productive for work as the full fledge desktop or computer do. Your smartphone can edit docs or presentation, view emails. Not so impressive for messaging, There’s Whatsapp, but again it interferes between personal and work. There would be no such dedicated app for it unless I came to know about the Flock.

Flock Interface

At first, it is bright green Flock’s interface on the smartphone. It is almost same as Whatsapp but distinguishing the Chats and Groups and contacts different. It is much better and polished at first it looked to be. I loved it the colour combination and for chat it had way better exciting features than no one else could offer. There are like standard features like Voice call, Video Conference or Share Docs. The interesting for me was in Chat polls which are really excellent for group chat to decide. Also In the group, To-Do Task manager who is amazing and no one else could offer such amazing features rightly in just one app.


Flock Function and Flexibility

The Functions like Quick polls inside the chat and To-Do task Where brilliant. Also, the Video conference is much better. You Could easily add 2 people in single person chat with Add people button. I loved the way we could manage and communicate and make yourself or company much productive. Flock allows API which add much different add-ons like Google Drive features, Github, Twitter and much more which are comming. Also Flock could be handled from desktop and mac as well. In The group, you could tag a particular person as same as facebook. The each adding features and cuistomization make it a complete better app for work and productivity. It will definately add a better productivity for startups, at no cost. More over its cross platform wheather it be Android or iOS, Or beWindows Desktop or Mac. You could access flock anywhere.

Verdict of Flock

Overall the app was around 25mb with Data it took about 35MB space. Overall its a work app which will keep getting better with each update. I wish they are great hit and currently only work communication app. If there’s any other do let me know in comments section. For me its currently the best communication app.
Note: 35Mb was with most minimum usage of app and with No addons included.




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