Fyne – An iPhone App Recommends you a Restaurant Depending on Your Mood

There are many restaurant finder apps, which sort you according to cuisine, location nearby, even according to user recommendation or even user rating. Fyne is something totally different than everything you could see. Fyne re-categorized each restaurants according to your mood and I think that the way thought different by the developer of fyne.

Fyne - Restaurant Finder To every Mood

Fyne – Restaurant Finder To every Mood

The moment you open your app it doesn’t directly recommend you the restaurant or ask for your location else it asks first for your mood and you select, This is the natural way of finding the perfect restaurant according to your mood.Fyne finds out the right restaurants for your mood/context by understanding the dishes and vibe of the restaurants.Whether you are planning for a “Night Out” or are “In a Rush” or want to “Chill Out” Fyne knows a place for you.

Fyne is building a mood based context aware recommendation engine for food starting with restaurants for the first version of the product. It’s very excited to have your interest about,  also care for nutrition  committed to suggest you healthy food to make you feel better and happier. So Mood gives an actual reason to try an amazing app.  It gets your mood, gets you to the nearest possible restaurant, also shows different users ratings and recommendation to get the most of your chosen restaurant, lastly even a perfect and clean user interface helps users to visit the app once again. I think such app should be given or made available to all country so people would explore more and even be more happier according to the mood. we talked with the Fyne soon the app will be available for Android users too.

Download Fyne from Here.
The app went live in US & Swiss appstore for iOS on 20nd Aug.

– Users can discover restaurants for their mood in their location
– Shortlist the recommendations you love for easier access
– See the recommendations in the expanded view for more details
– Easily Log your restaurant visit on a beautiful timeline.

Would love to write down for us and download fyne , explore it out & do let me know in the comment section we have the fyne team in direct contact with us.
Even you can contact them or get updated on their Facebook Page and Twitter handle (@getfyne)