MSI Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 OC edition Review


Nvidia has been pioneering the business of graphic processing units (GPUs) for years with their vividly impressive GeForce range of graphic cards. It has contributed largely in enhancing the gaming landscape around the world, encompassing the smartphone market with NVIDIA Tegra, which compliments its omnipresent dominance in the PC gaming industry. With its main competitor being the ATI Radeon series, the war for market supremacy has been an incessant one between these two industry stalwarts. Further elaborating these opinions further, we reviewed the MSI Nvidia GTX 960 Over Clock (OC) Edition. Box Content of MSI Nvidia GTX 960 GTX 960 itself 6 […]

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Useful PSU for Entry Level Gaming Config – ANTEC BP450PS REVIEW

Antec BP450PS

Antec is one of the company dedicated for making PC components from to Basics to Gaming level. We did seen Antec BP350PS review, This Antec BP450PS is Top of the line-up of their Basic segment.   Specification of Antec BP450PS   Input 230VAC ~, 47Hz – 53Hz,5.0A   Output   + 3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 -12V + 5VSB 20A 18A 21A 18A 0.3A 2.0A 145W 396W 3.6W 10W 450W   Connectors on PSU 1 x 24-pin 1 x 8(4+4)-pin ATX12V/ EPS12V 1 x 8(6+2) Pin PCI-E 1 × 6-pin PCI-E 4 x SATA 3 x Molex 1 x Floppy Packing and […]

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Corsair K70 Red Gaming Keyboard Review – The Pro Gamers Keyboard

Corsair K70 Red

We already reviewed some of the gaming keyboard like Dragonwar GK-005, But this the next level of all the keyboard I reviewed, the Corsair K70 Red. Its looks, its feel of typing and comfort everything adds up to something.     The Build of Corsair K70 Red When a keyboard is costly its complete mechanical, huge buttons , backlit LEDs makes it a complete gaming keyboard and all these things are present in Corsair K70 Red. In Corsair K70 Red, The red backlit are only backlit LEDs are present in the keyboard. The keyboard has a stylish brush aluminium finish […]

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Dragonwar GK-005 M-Matador Compact Gaming Keyboard Review

Dragonwar GK-005

Dragonwar is a company which is dedicated for the gamers. Uptill now we seen Dragonwar war GKM-001, Dragonwar Thor, Dragonwar ELE-G7 . Now it’s a complete mechanical keyboard, the Dragonwar GK-005. Build The hard plastic and mechanical inside makes it heavy and more sturdy, the Dragonwar GK-005 keyboard is compact due to no number pad at right. The buttons are soft as compare to the GKM-001, with back-lit LEDs increases it’s beauty at night. Asual these back-lit LEDs are programmable but it has more program features than the combo and also more in price. Due to the keys hard you […]

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Dragonwar ELE-G7 Chaos Bluetrack Gaming Mouse

Dragonwar Chaos ELE-G7

Dragonwar has been a company which creates a gaming device which is dedicated. Uptill now I reviewed the GKM-001, dragonwar Thor, and this is dragonwar ELE-G7. What’s inside the box of Dragonwar ELE-G7? 1.The mouse itself. 2. Driver CD. 3. Small mouse mat. Build Dragonwar ELE-G7 when it’s off you will notice the Dragon design on the mouse, hard plastic feel,bit smaller to the grip of dragonwar Thor. Yeah the grip is small but the height is more as compare dragonwar Thor which nullify the grip. What the dragonwar ELE-G 7 chaos impress is the lights two front headlight like […]

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